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I need help!

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My 13 year old Calico indoor cat Stringer just as of yesterday has become ill.

She is very lethargic, and will not play. She is usually a 'rigid' cat when you pick her up, and now she's just limp. She also has been vomiting, but NO blood in the vomit. She is un-interested in playing with her favorite toy (the lazer pointer) and has been sleeping alot. She still purrs when I pet her, but is also losing alot of fur.

Is there a flu that causes this? Should I be extremely worried?

She is also a diabetic, but has been for 3 years and it is completely under control.

Im so worried.
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Is it possible she may have eaten something toxic to her? Do you have any plants in the house that she may have eaten? Otis was like this when he had toxic poisoning and almost died. The trick is to catch it early. Does she seem dehydrated? Gently pull up the fur on her neck and if it doesn't go back to place quickly then she made need to be hospitalized and have fluids. Is she eating? You may want to take her in as soon as possible even though it is emergency hours.
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Please take her to a vet immediately. And please let us know what they find. Ask for a big senior panel to be done and a complete evaluation. Good luck.
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I am praying and do want to know how she is.
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Hey guys,
we took her to the vet, and she had a severely low blood sugar because the insulin. She pulled a crazy cat thing and decided NOT to be diabetic anymore, which in many ways is a relief.
She is on medication for an upset stomach for the next 2 days.
Thankyou so much for helping out, it means alot!
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That is really good news. Are they going to take her off of insulin right away or slowly drop the dose? I heard that when cats do what your kitty did that you can put some syrup on their gums to get them a quick boost.
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they just dropped the dose and she is doing fine.
she has been back to the vet twice now for sugar readings, and her sugar readings are normal!
oh cats and their diabetes.
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