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are there any savannah breeders or owners here?
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Originally Posted by Aurora151989
are there any savannah breeders or owners here?

Solarity Bengals has a savannah.
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Yes I have a silver Savannah. She is an F4 from the serval but an F1 for outcrosses as her father was a bengal (allowed for silver color I believe). I took care of her mom and the kittens for a while. My first experience with hybrids. I've also been around an F1 Savannah and bengal. Very interesting to think these cats are half wild and yet are such sweeties!!!

Oh I don't breed though. My girl was born with a deformity (flat-chested) and grew out of it and I asked to take her even though her outlook on life looked dim. She is fine now though.
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I know someone that breeds Savannahs. She is not on this forum. I am not sure of her website as of now I think that it has changed, but if I find it I will certainly give it to you and I think that she has some kittens that are ready to go to homes, but I am not positive.
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We have a savannah breeder here in nebraska, she breeds bengals and savannahs. I really want to go up and see her cats. last I talked to her she had her first litter of savannahs and was unsure of their temperment. I am more interested in a bengal Spay female kitten for a house companion to my other cats. I am losing one of my very dear female cats to renal failure, she is 17 years old. So down the road I think we are leaning towards a bengal, which I will see what she has to offer. Then I can possibly see the savannahs. I think they are awsome!! Servals are my favorite wild cat!!
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