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Signs of a kitten going into heat?

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I have looked around & cannot find a vet who will spay Lily before 6 months of age. I am going to keep looking, but I want to be thinking about the possibility that Lily could go into heat. What are the signs of a kitten going into heat? Do the signs vary from cat to cat?

I have never seen a cat or a kitten in heat. Twitch got spayed at 7 months & she never went into heat before that. We didn't have her long, either. Lola(the feral/stray I am caring for) hasn't gone into heat yet, either. She is 3 years old. Both Twitch & Lola share the some common similarities: both are white, have blue eyes & are deaf. I have heard that cats such as Twitch & Lola often do not go into heat, but I don't know if it is true. Anyways, I have no experience with a cat in heat & I want to be sure I know what to look for. I would rather have an idea of what would happen so I can confine Lily if she does go into heat long enough to get her spayed.
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Oh trust me you will know! They can do all sorts of things, but they cry a lot, some even moan. They roll around on the floor over and over, rub their rump over objects, their tails are straight up, and they quiver at the back end. They will also do everything in their power to get to a tomcat, including darting out the door, opening up a screen. The urge is strong and they are just following instinct.
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You will definitely know. Mooch went into heat and I knew and I'd never experienced that before either. She was 4 months at the time too. She was chirping and meowing and just wouldn't stop talking. She kept following me around. She also would sit there with her hind end and tail in the air and sort of kneed her back feet into the floor. (does that make sense?) I was pretty sure, but I called my stepdad just to be sure. He could tell from the sound over the phone that she was.
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ailey is in heat now (i thought she had been fixed) (i am getting her fixed asap!) i had always heard that cats in heat were cranky not ailey! she want to be ll over me and the kids she stops meowing and all i hear is long chirps she rolls around the floor especially on the cold wooden part. the funny thing is that she seems like she is in love with nahima lol she follows her around and rubs against her and earlier i caught nahima "SITTING on ailey and she was just laying there cleaning nahima. when nahima got up to move ailey grabbed her and wouldnt' let her go!. she doesn't want anything to do with salem and isis just the puppy and us
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my cats just gone into heat aswell, and she aint come home yet
she dashed out of the door

im worried : LoL
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shaley - your worring is only the beginning as when she comes home you will have a pregnant kitty on your hands. That can be stressing in itself!

The first time I kept thinking my cat was in heat I was never really sure. She seemed all lovey and friendly most all of the time. But when she went into heat it was a sure thing like...omg I didn't know it would be so obvious. She would walk around with her hind end in the air. If you pet her or gragged her scruff a bit she would move her tail to the side. She sounded like she was in pain and is a painful display to watch as they roll around on teh floor making desparate noises.

Some cats have silent heats too but this isn't the norm. Most likely your feral cat has been in heat (unless already spayed?). Ferals won't be quite as noisy I believe or at least won't let you on to anything being different.
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My cat is loud, but she doesn't dart out the door or anything. She refuses to go outside even when she's in heat (luckily). But she yells all night, rolls around on the floor, follows us around...just very weird behavior. You will definitely when she goes into heat though
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well my experience of havin a queen that went into heat was tht she kept tryin to get out of anywhere she even learnt how to lift the kitchen window laches so tht she could get out and yes u will most defently know when she is in heat
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It happened to Persil as the vet kept putting off spaying her as she had had major surgery and he wanted to give her time to recover. It was not too bad but very obvious as she rubbed against us all, tail in the air, raised rump and chirruping meows. Fortunately it only lasted about 4 days, and then I insisted he spay her!
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Annabelle walked around going "RAAAAWWAAUUURRRR" all the time!! You will know
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