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One yr. ago today

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I am a new member to the board and several people suggested that I post a tribute to my persian cat, Neeko, who passed away one year ago today, January 7, 2005.
At first I thought it would be too difficult for me to write about this day, however, all I can think about is last year at this time. Neeko was 14 yrs. old and went downhill after being diagnosed with kidney disease. I hand fed him and gave him meds. for as long as I could. The most difficult part was knowing when to let go and trying to think about his quality of life. The other extenuating factor was explaining it to my children who are not young but this was the only cat they remembered being a part of their life. I still tremble thinking back to that day and wonder how we surmount the strength to say goodbye to a beloved pet and family member.
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I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. It does take time to get passed the immediate pain and begin to remember and savor all the wonderful memories of our loveable pets.
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I am sorry you lost neeko. It is so hard to lose them. I lost Bubba last year at christmas time, and I still think about him everyday. Neeko and Bubba were the same age. I know how it feels to lose a companion after loving them so much for many years. Your tribute to Neeko is very special!

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Many of us here know your heartfelt sadness. It is so hard lose not only a part of your family, but also a part of your heart. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Vinnie.

My thoughts are with you and your family.
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Thank you everyone for your compassion and understanding. I really appreciate talking with people who have been there and understand how a fellow pet lover feels.
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I lost my Candy kitty to kidney disease right after Christmas, so I know, too recently, how hard it is to balance one’s own need to keep their baby with them for as long as possible versus their quality of life. Such a difficult decision. For all of this to happen in and around this major holiday season seems to make it even worse. I know the pain will lessen in time, but I wonder if thoughts of that day won’t always bring a tear. My heart is with you.

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So sorry to hear about your Candy kitty, maybe Neeko and Candy will meet and play together at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am very sorry for your loss Neely. From what you have written, It's apparent you were a very caring and loving parent and it must have been (and still is) very difficult to lose your kitty. My heart goes out to you.
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I'll bet Neeko and Candy may very well meet each other and play together!
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I am glad that you posted. You gave your kitty a wonderful home for a long time. You will meet again one day!
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
I am glad that you posted. You gave your kitty a wonderful home for a long time. You will meet again one day!
Thank you, I am glad that I posted to, writing a tribute to Neeko made me appreciate all the wonderful memories I have of him.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Molly a little over a year ago and I think about her all the time. Although I still feel the pain, I can also remember her with smiles now. It is so obvious in your post how much you cared about Neeko, and my heart goes out to you.

RIP Neeko
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I too am glad you posted a tribute to Neeko and what a handsome boy he was
Its always hard to say goodbye to those we love but its good to remember those wonderful special memories that we shared with them. He will be waiting for you

RIP Neeko
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What a handsome boy Neeko is And that tribute was so sweet

Always remember that as long as you have them in your thoughts, their still alive
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Thanks so much guys, it's nice to be able to share your feelings with others who can empathize. A co-worker lost her Siamese cat of 15 yrs. and didn't want to talk about it too much for fear of people being insensitive. I promptly bought her a sympathy card that was specifically for "loss of pet" and she thanked me profusely. Now we are the best of friends and all because I understood what she was going through.
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