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help please. how can i stop my cat from waking us?

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it is driving me crazy. he is a tabby about 9 months old. all shots up to date. let me first say that my wife and i both love him very much but i am at the end of my rope. i have very serious back problems too and i take heavy narcotics like morphine and fentanyl. i finally got ambien for at night but i never, ever sleep good. as soon as the cat wakes me up i can't get back to sleep.

the cat is great all night. not a peep and then every day at about 6:15 am he comes in the room and starts purring. not a normal pur though. he only does it at this time in the morning. if my wife gets up or i get up and go lay on the couch he stops. even if we wake up after a bit he'll go into the computer room and crash out on the papazan.
i do not want to be woken up anymore and i don't know how to stop. i thought it was cause he was hungry cause 5 days a week my wife is up at 7:30 and she feeds him but i don't think thats it. she will get up and feed him and he takes a bite maybe and leaves the rest.

so, please help me keep him away in the early morning hours. i makes me not like him and it makes me want to give him away but my wife adores him. i can't help it. i'm in a lot of pain and i am very tired. all cats are not like this so there has to be a way to make him stop

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Earplugs? I'm not trying to be flippant, but until you find another answer, it might be worth trying.
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Hehe...you bet I'm gonna recommend you get him a cat! That might keep him busy! It's likely he's bored. Also, I always have the blinds and stuff closed so it's dark in the house until I want to get up. I have curbed my dogs and most of my cats from getting up too early by doing this, it worked for me.
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it's not real loud so ear plugs are not needed. it's just a feint little puur. my wife can sleep through it but i am in so much pain that i can't. we had 2 cats before and they never did this. i want him to stop so bad. i don't even care if at 6am he hops in the bed and goes back to sleep. the waking me up is making me not want to have him around anymore
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I have a special little guy who comes in to say good morning by kissing my nose. I love it! It's their way of saying I love you! He sounds like a very loving cat. Can you shut the door in your room?
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Being honest - keep the bedroom door closed. My dogs sleep on the bed, the cats are not allowed in the bedroom at night. My abby makes us insane - he purrs, washes out heads, and meows. They have the whole rest of the house - so they have no complaints.
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if i shut the door he roaors like a lion and bangs into it. it's worse
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Sierra, 11 1/2 years, and especially Serenity, 7 months, both wake me several times throughout the night and are my best alarm clocks in the morning. I adore these precious wake up calls
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He is still young, so there is the possibility that he may outgrow this behavior. My cats used to try all sorts of things to wake me up in the morning including yowling, hair pulling, and face licking. Now they just lay next to me quietly until I wake up.

If you really want to stop the behavior immediately the only thing I can think of to suggest is locking him out of your room at night and using the vacuum trick to curb his meowing and banging on the door. You will need to park your vacuum outside the door with the switch in the 'on' position. Run the cord under the door into your room. When your cat starts meowing and banging on the door, plug in the vacuum. That should startle him out of the behavior. You may have to repeat it a few times, but if your cat is as scared of the vacuum as mine are it shouldn't take more than a few tries.
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