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Help Me!!!!!!

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Larry, my 4 year old cat disappeared on Wendsday Janurary 4 after he layed inside all day. What is unusual is that he is an outdoor cat and never comes inside. We let him inside because he was very cold in our garage. He layed around all day and then disappeared that night when we let him back outside into the garage. Where could he have gone? How can I find him?

P.S. I live on a farm with 50 acres of woods around it. Could he have gotten lost.I doubt he could have because he is mostly outdoor.

Plese Help!!!!!!!
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Is there some animal control agency there, like either the SPCA, or whatever they call it... look under Animal(s) in the yellow pgs, and call the local police to ask the name if you can't find it. Next, tell your neighbors, however far away they are, to look out for him, and to not chase him if he shows up, but to try to coax him nicely into their houses or barns and call you right away. Maybe he's just got a girlfriend!
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I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you can do other than put out his favorite food or some kind of treat. However, living where you do, it would probably get munched by the local wildlife before he came along. If you do find him, please make sure you have a shelter for him in the garage (permanently), with blankets and everything, so he has a place to cozy up and get warm; it must get very cold where you are. Not meaning to increase your worry, but it may be that he came in to lie around all day because he was feeling sick. I hope you'll go out looking for him, and be prepared to take him to a vet when you find him to make sure he's OK.
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If it were my cat, I'd be searching the area with a fine tooth comb. Good luck!
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If any of my cats went missing, I wouldn't stop looking until I found it.
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Lots of vibes and prayers for Larry to come home safe!!
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