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My lil kitty doesn't seem to be drinking any water that I put out for him. He is 7 1/2 weeks old, and eats his Whiskas, but doesn't seem to touch the water. I tried cow's milk and he ignored that too (it was diluted in water). I really don't want to have to buy specialised cat milk for him, as I can't afford that. Is he not used to drinking water and how can I get him to?

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Cat's don't drink as much water as people think they do. Are you worried because you never seem him at the water bowl? If he is not dehydrated, he is getting the amount he needs.
Milk is not a real good idea only because he is going to end up with runny stools. Some cats prefer running water and they like those fountains for pets. You can also get him some more water by feeding him wet food. Because he is so young, it would be a good idea for him to eat wet kitten food just for the nutrition.
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He eats tinned kitten food at the moment, but tends to leave the dry food. I figure probably because his teeth might not be able to handle it, and I keep meaning to soften it in some water. Is that what you are suggesting? I guess I'm used to having dogs that go through bowls and bowls of water a day!
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Okay, then that's probably why he is not drinking much water from the bowl. Wet food (tinned) contains a much higher water content. You are right about the dry food. Kittens don't usually graduate to dry food until they are about 3 months old. When you want to switch him to dry food, yes you want to soak it in some warm water first to make it soft. Then you just gradually decrease the amount of water you put in there.
Yes, cats are much different than dogs in that respect. Dogs can turn thier tounges into little cups to scoop the water. Cats don't have that ability and only get small amounts on the tounge and then it rolls back. When he's a little older, I would get him a fountain. I have found that most of my cats really like running water and they drink more often.
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If he wants a fountain, he can learn to turn on the tap!
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Last night I thought that the tinned food had had an unpleasant reaction with his tummy and intestines... I thought he'd let off really really badly.

Then I realised that my guy had taken his shoes off and that it was in fact his feet that smelt. Not my poor lil kitty who copped the blame until then!
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I've always made kitty soup for my furries. I heat up water and mix it in with their canned food. Ugh, who wants to eat cold hard food?
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Catran that is too funny! Poor little guy getting blamed for the stink. And I bet your guy let him take the blame too instead of fessing up!
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I heat my cat and dogs wet food in the microwave for 15seconds, any longer than that and the food is too hot. They seem to enjoy it maybe your kitty would too.

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It's not food I have trouble getting him eat, except for the dry stuff. And for the record, yes my man did fess up. Otherwise I seriously would have continued to believe that puss did a poo somewhere and I just couldn't find it!
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Oh, what I meant was that I had a kitten that didn't drink water, ever. So the shelter told me to do that, and they like it, so I still do. (Making kitty 'soup' to up her water intake).
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