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Hi everyone,

We currently have 4 cats. Baby, 21, Gizmo, 3 years, Rumpleteaser,2 years, and Mungojerry, 4 years. All are rescues in one way or another, all are spayed/neutered, and none of them are declawed. We spoil them rotten. (don't we all) I will post more information about our SFB's(superior furry beings) as far as color and personality, and look forward to sharing stories and information about cats. I am glad I found this place.
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Hey there Lance! I see you've seen Cats (the musical). No RumTumTugger? I always thought that was a great name. Well, I like your choices. Well, welcome here and all that.
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Quite honestly, Rum Tum Tugger is for the next cat we get!! I, um , only recently saw the musical 'Cats' I finally did sit down and watch it. But I did read the book by T.S. Elliot, 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' when I was a youngster, and it really stuck with me!
Thanks for the welcome, I'm sure I'll enjoy it here!

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Ooooh I know a cat named Rum tum tugger.

Anyhow Welcome Lance we all look forward to hearing more about your kitties. After all where else are you going to go to blab incessantly about your babies and no one minds?
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Hi, Lance. It's nice to have you on the Cat Site. I too love your cats' names and look forward to seeing your posts.
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welcome! glad to hear your babies are not declawed. this is a great place! you will like it.

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Welcome to the site! Did I read that right that Baby is 21?? Wow!

I love the musical Cats and also T S Elliot's poems. I never realized how true they are until I got cats of my own.

Hope to see you posting often!
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Sounds like it's a full house there!! I have 2 cats and that's a handfull in itself. Welcome!
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Well, since I've been welcomed(and very nicely also), here is the bio on all the cats.
Baby- 21 years old this last March. She is at least 1/2 Russian Blue, she looks identical to the pictures of the breed I have seen. We got her at approx. 8 months from the humane society in Rapid City, SD. My son was 6 months old at the time and he picked her out. Actually, she picked us. When we walked by her cage she stuck out her paw and brushed his leg. That was the first complete sentance he did say to me, 'I want that one, Dad'.She is healthy, happy and rules the house!
Gizmo- 3 years old is the best guess. My oldest again had a say in bringing her home. She was in a cage at the pet store where my son had a girlfriend. This kitten was to be killed because she had a heart murmur and the pet store couldn't sell her. The owner, manager, or whatever, would not sell her to my son. So, he enlists the girlfriends help, she calls and tells him when the assistant is there, and we got her the same day. She's a beautiful calico, very dainty, the smallest in our bunch. She grew out of her murmur.That is very common.She's almost all white, with some splotches on her head, hind leg and one splotch on her back. Her tail is black and gold, no white. She has green eyes. She is the shyest of our group also, but we think it's because of all the wierd people sticking thier hands fingers and whatever in her cage at the pet store. (of course, we do not shop there...EVER)She's made great progress in becoming more and more sociable, she likes to play the most.She fetches furry mice like a dog.

I'll post the others info tomorrow. I just got in from work, and I am tired! (still have to run the dogs and feed all the animals)

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Welcome to you, Lance!
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