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Feliway Oil Question

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I'm going to get some of the Feliway plug in to calm my old cat down because of the 'new' cat.

Do you just plug this thing in and lock the cat in the room and then intro the new cat? The new cat has been here for a little over 2 months and there's still some hostility going on.

I want to move this along so I'm going to try the plug in and see if that helps.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I think you just use it in the common areas, to make them attractive to both cats. It seems a bit late to the introducing a cat that's been there for 2 months already.
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hi i just bought some today and have literally plugged it in ,,same with me my older cats nose is still out of joint
it cost me 28 british pounds but u can buy it now on ebay for a LOT less i have put the diffuser in one room upstairs so it will come out to the top landing where my older cat sits , i think it covers 50-70 sq meters but you dont shut the door leave it open also i thought it would work asap and i mean over night but instructions said it can take up to a month before results where seen
let me know how you get on i will tell you also good luck and try ebay to see price diffrnces xxxx cheryl xxxx forgot to say iv had my 2 new kittens for 6 weeks now so know how u feel xx
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