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Teeth Rubbing Lips?

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My new orally fixated 11 month old kitten/cat seems to be having problems with his lips. His teeth seem to be rubbing on them if that's possible. He chews the other cat, my hands and his toys a lot, as well as anything else he can fit in his mouth. Pompoms are his favourite, which he chews most of the day, and these shouldn't cause problems. He used to be very aggressive but has thankfully calmed down a little over the past 3 months. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why his lip might be rubbing?

I have posted a picture to help explain the problem:

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Has he been to a vet?
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My Teddy's teeth look just like your cats. It's not a problem for him at all. The only thing that is different between him and my other cat is that his teeth touch my hands when he rubs and nuzzles against me. But he doesn't chew excessively or behave any differently than PJ!

I know a friend who had a dog that sounds similar to your cat - I think the teeth bothered him, and they were filed down for him as part of a dental workup.
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Our Sonny has teeth like that and our vet doesn't think it is a problem.
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Thanks a lot, I'll get the vet to look at that next time I take him down just to make sure.

He's looking at me strangely... I think he know I'm talking about him
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