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weird bump on ear

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i have had my darling cat "chunk" for about seven years now, after finding him as a kitten on the street. he has had a clean bill of health other than ear mites here and again. however awhile ago i moved into an apartment where my roomate had two other cats. after moving out i noticed my cat had a darkish dirt looking substance under his chin which he used to itch. also he has developed a pimple looking thing on the outside of his ear which is sometimes pussy and seems to be itching him as well. does anyone know what these things are? and if so are there any over the counter medications? id love to take him to the vet but it will take me awhile considering im a poor college student. thanks so much for any help given in the future.
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The dark substance is acne. You can get rid of it easily enough by taking some hydrogen peroxide in a little bit of water and scrubbing gently twice a day with cotton rolls. Also, if you are feeding out of plastic bowls, switch to metal, or ceramic.

The bump on the ear could be anything, from a swipe of a claw that got infected, to a bug bite. Please do not cut corners when it comes to your cat's overall health by using over the counter products. Many products that are perfectly acceptable for us, will harm or even kill your pet.

Pus represents an infection and so if it is a reoccuring wound it should be seen by a qualified vet, and not diagnosed over the internet.
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also check out this article

When You Can't Afford a Vet
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Yep, sounds like kitty acne. You can get hydrogen peroxide for less than a dollar at grocery and drug stores. It works wonders but you have to change the feeding and water dishes too. I use glass or paper, no plastic. Also, if your cat is sleeping on something plastic and rests it chin/face there, you might want to change that too. Somehow their little pores get irritated from contact with plastic.

Probably wouldn't hurt to clean the ear bump with the peroxide regularly either but still do seek a professional opinion as well. There are vets that do payment plans. Call around. How about a credit card?
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Hydrogen peroxide can burn tissue around the infected area, so it should be diluted.
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