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before and after

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Just wanted to tell you about Oscar,

This is a before and after picture of him, when we first got him he was very sickly and had flea problems, ringworm problems and was very skinny and tiny.
We got him when he was 6 weeks old, the before picture was when he was 8 weeks old and the after picture is now at 4 months old.
He is very healthy and Happy.

Thank you all for your advise and help to us, we love this forum site too.

China, Jose and our Oscar
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Glad Oscar's doing great! He looks very happy!
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He looks fantastic now, keep up the good work!
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Woo! It's like a Jenny Jones makeover!
Great job! I bet he just looooves you! I have an abused cat, and a feral rescue, and they both just think I'm the cat's meow (heh heh) for taking care of them. You're an !
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I think rescued cats(and dogs) know when you've helped them out. Fallon, whom I adopted from work where she had lived pretty much her whole life in a cage because no one wanted her is my little black and white shadow.

Oscar looks great! Whatever you're doing for him is working and I'm sure he appreciates it.
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Oscar is beeeeaaaauutiful!

he looks like he has the sweetest personality too!
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Hi All,

Thank you so much for your comments, here is Oscar being silly.
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Oh! That is such a great pic! He looks so sweet!
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Oscar is so lovely. He looks so happy too !

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What a sweet little boy! You did a great job nursing the little angel , and I'm sure he thanks you every day for it. I agree with BadHabit. The ones we save know it and love us just a little bit more for it! Not to say the ones who aren't "saved" don't love us, it's just a very special bond for the ones who are.
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Awwwwwww, how sweet! Good name too!
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I agree with BadHabit too. One of my previous cats was adopted from a no-kill shelter, and all the available cats were loose in a large shed-like building. My cat had been at the shelter for six months and was very uncomfortable in this situation. From the very first day I brought her home until the day she died, I had a very strong and very special bond with this cat.

I get confused about this...is an animal that has been adopted from a no-kill shelter considered a rescue or not?
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I'd call it a rescue since you are taking it from a shelter which they're never really comfortable at in the first place and providing her with a loving home. Who knows where else she may have wound up if it weren't for you?
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