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The Blue Room

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I made a 'Blue Room' for the kitties outside in our backyard and they love it!
Complete with an entry/walk way, their own flower display, a 'porch', 2 seperate 'bedrooms', a blue feature wall and a light sun shade

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What a wonderful idea, Sonja, and so creative! Your babies love their new Blue Room!
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Its nice and they look like they really love it. You put "blue Room" in quotes. Im wondering what is a "Blue Room"?
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Wow!, looks like a regular kitty paradise!
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It's a beautiful room. I LOVE the colour blue
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What a lovely room for your kitties, the blue is lovely!
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Ooh, they look so cozy and happy!
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Oh my goodness - what a SWEET thing you did for them! They all look VERY happy in their blue room!!!
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Originally Posted by katson7

The life of luxury.
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Geez - they have it better than I do!
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Thanks everyone Yes, they are very happy kitties in their Blue Room They alternate spots and the room is never empty!
They do live a life of luxury don't they?

sbw999 - I'm not sure why I put 'Blue Room' in quotes.....just one of those silly things I do without any significance
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That is so awesome! Your kitties are lucky to have such a caring and creative Meowmie!
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Those are very lucky kitties! I'm so envious.. no one builds rooms for me!
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aww i bet ur kitties love you x
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Wow - aren't they lucky!
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