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Got any obscure tunes in YOUR head? lol

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I cannot get "Run for your life" by the Beatles out of my head!!!
But then, i like it, so i guess i am not really trying.

Better run for your life if you can, little girl, hide your head in the sand, little girl, catch ya with another man, that's the end... little girl!

The lyrics are kinda mean though...

So, who else has a song in their head that they don't mind?
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LMBO right as I opened this forum the tune "you make me feel like a natural woman" popped into my head!
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I've had The Who's Pinball Wizard in my head for days..since hearing it New Year's Eve. Now I'm reallly going to work towards having a nice Beatles or Aretha Franklin tune in my head!
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ummm cheyenne and nathanael were singing there was an old lady who swollowed a fly and now i have had it stuck in my head all evening err umm well its morning now lol
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None at the moment, but one of the ones I get stuck in my head A LOT is Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". When that decides to pop into my head, it brings its luggage and camps out for days!
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Yeah, but I have no idea what the song is or title. I've been seeing all these new TV show advertisements, and it's the one that keeps playing in the background of the coming new show "Love Monkey". ??? If I knew what it was, I'd buy it!
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Yeah, the theme song from "Smallville" runs thru my head all of the time.
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On insane days I get the jeopardy tune in my head and I want to screeeeeeeam........ For the life of me I can't figure that one out.... OMG here we go again!!!! grrrrr LOL
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Yep, seem to have Aerosmith "sweet emotion" playing in my head at night, when I'd rather be SLEEPING!

Very annoying, but I do really like the song.
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Since I heard that Lou Rawls died , "You're Gonna Miss My Lovin'" is running through my head.
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Went out and saw Walk the Line a couple weeks ago (the Johnny Cash movie). I recommend seeing it BTW.

Anyway, the bass rif from the opening song just kept dribbling through my brain for about a week. I think its finally moved out now.
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I've had "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer" going through what's left of my mind for the past week....Needless to say, I'd really like to put on new record up there!
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I've got Shake that by Eminem and Nate Dogg in my head so I'm going to go play it
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I've had "Gold Digger" by Kanye West in my head
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I get Jimi Hendrix's version of Red House stuck in my head a lot. I guess it could be worse, the only other song that ever seems to stick around like that is the Oscar Mayer Weiner song.
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I still have the same tune
post #17 of 27 least till this moment.....but all day yesterday I kept think/singing "Hey, Hey For The Monkeys" that i`ve read the title of this thread.....IT`S BACK! (Dang it anyhow!)
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My repetitive song in my head has changed to Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown.
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today i have Dance D' amour by 69 eyes... i LOVE them lol i have this song as my page song on myspace...anyone else on myspace (((sorry for the hijack)))
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These little darlings have a name - "earworms". Usually I will have nice little earworms from when I've listened to a CD too much. However, some vicious ones come from wayyyyyyy back when I was growing up in the 70s. And they stick around too long. Ones like "Afternoon Delight", "You light up my life", "Muskrat Love". And then there is "Fish Heads" from the Dr. Demento show.
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Oh, I feel for ya... "Light Up My Life" visits me occasionally, too, and it's usually followed by the even-worse "You Decorated My Life."

"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," though... now THAT'S a song worth hanging onto! Though ANYthing gets annoying after the thousandth time...

For the month of December, I had Springsteen's "Jungleland" in my head, which is fabulous, of course -- a masterpiece -- but it's so LONG that it would keep me awake nights! Once it got started, it was NOT going to stop until that girl turned out the bedroom light and the Magic Rat wound up wounded and not even dead tonight in Jungleland... sax solo and all. :-)

Right now, it's "O Tannenbaum," but with the words my father made up for me when I was little:

Oh taterbugs, oh taterbugs
I wish I was a taterbug.
Oh taterbugs, oh taterbugs
I wish I was a taterbug.
They stomp across my cellar floor
Where all my taters lie in store
And roll my taters out the door
Taterbugs, O taterbugs.

~ sigh ~

Oh well... at least it's not "Midnight at the Oasis"...
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia

Oh well... at least it's not "Midnight at the Oasis"...
Oh thanks alot. Now that one is stuck in the play mode. Got to go find something to chase it away.
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Ah, gosh... sorry about that! Y'know, I find that an instrumental will often do a better job of chasing out an annoying song... my favorite is the old Big Band tune, "String Of Pearls"...
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Since today is Elvis Presley's birthday, the radio is saturated with his songs. "The Lady Loves Me", from "Viva Las Vegas" has been in my head since yesterday.
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Take your Pick - any one of the tunes from the "Phantom of the Opera". I found the Movie DVD at our new library branch and have listened to it 4 times in the last 4 days. The last time with the English subtitles to catch words I missed earlier.

The current "earworm" is when the Phantom appears at the Bal Masque to present his opera. If I wasn't in the middle of the library, I'd probably be humming it out loud!)
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Bohemium rhapsody by queen, all different parts too that must be the default song of my brain LOL
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How do you sleep at night with all that nagging pain

It's off a commercial
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