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Help! Cat Hates Me! :bawling:

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We finally got Lucky neutered two days ago. Ever since we brought him home, he has acted differently towards me. (im the one who dropped him off at the vet). Whenever I try to pick him up.. he struggles to get away.. bites my face or my hand, claws me.. i let him go. Whenever i try to pet him wherever he is lying down, he doesnt purr or show affectionation back. But, Whenever my husband pets him or picks him up, he purrs and shows affection back. I am sad. I think he hates me now. Help me! I dont know what to do!
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Just give him some time. He could have had a really bad experience at the vet's office and needs some time to decompress. Buy a couple of comfort zone room diffusers and plug them in, and just leave him alone for about a week. He will be fine. It's just to fresh in his head. Also read this article and set the carrier up in your home 24/7 so he won't be scared of that as well.

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If someone grabbed me, but me in a box, and drove me someplace to have my ___ cut off, I'd be kinda grumpy too. :lol

A friend was just telling us her story of her boy cat she had neutered about 10 days ago. Same thing. Very distant. Harbored memories and stared her down, even. Really mad cat.

That lasted about 4 days, and it is all cozy and love and kisses again. He will need his space and time for the mood to wear off.
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I took our 2 males in a long time ago. Panther has no problem with me unless I pick him up. Rusty who is suppost to be my cat still won't hardly let me near him. I bottle fed him as a tiny kitten so he could live and now he hates me. It really hurts my feelings sometimes.

Now Tuffy has to go in and he is my buddy and I don't want him to hate me too after he gets home. He totaly trusts me to take care of him and not hurt him. He sleeps in the pet carrier sometimes and has made many trips to the vet to get him well and has been ok but something like having surgery and leaving him there alone for a day really worries me.

I could have Yvonne take him in but he don't really trust her to well so I don't know if that would be worse on him than me taking him.

Out of our cats the males are much worse with dealing with new things. I can't even carry them outside and they freak out. But Angel had no problems after her vet trip but she is always into new things and sneeking outside.

I am real sorry to hijack someone else's tread but this topic is a big problem for me also.
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Hi... first off you're doing the right thing having them fixed so pat yourself on the back for that.

Secondly, they'll come back around eventually. Just give them lots of love and attention and be patient. I don't think they "hate" you, they're just going to have to get over the little alteration in their everyday life (being taken to the vet). Don't take it so personally... remember, pets can pick up on our "state of mind" so just send loving, calm, relaxed vibes. (sorry if this is sounding corny...) I think it really helps to talk to your kitty too, explain what's going on and that they're going to be fine. Same thing when taking the kitty in to the vet. Explain before hand that you're going to visit the nice doctor and then you'll be coming back for them very soon.

But having said all that... if your cat is still having problems being handled and is not purring after a few days make sure there is not something else wrong like an infection or ? You might want to talk to the vet.
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I've never had this happen. Mine have always been happy to come home, and been profusely lovey afterwards. I hope those werent just flukes, as I've got one who needs to be neutered now.
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I'v never had this happen either. Whenever I've had cats neutered/spayed, they've never changed their opinions of me!
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When my two had to be fixed, they went together. I think beging together helped them both feel more comfortable while at the vets' office. They were actually running around and playing with the vet techs after the surgery. When they came home they behaved normally.

Give the cat three or four days, and if he doesn't begin to come around take him back to the vet to rule out pain or infection. You can also try engaging him in play with his favorite toy and offering lots of treats.
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