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Ever wonder what your cat does when you're not around?

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So that's what happened to the missing beer.
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Tell that cat I want my cigarettes back!!!
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Too funny!
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is that your cat or just a picture? he looks dead.:confused3
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Just a picture. I wish I could get my cat to sit still like that.
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LOL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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That's so funny. Yeah, he does look kind of dead. I wonder under what circumstances they got this picture. I can tell what my cats have been doing when I'm gone sometimes because toys are in the water bowl, tablecloths are all rumpled up on the table. But when I get home, they're on their best behavior.

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hey you guys. i think that cat is dead. no cat sleeps sound enough to let you put a cigarette in thier mouth. surely someone would not sedate a cat to get a picture. either way, i find it disturbing.
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I don't think it's real. I highly doubt you could get a cat to do that and if you look at it, the cat looks fake.
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i had my husband look at it. he said the cat was asleep. i said no cat sleeps that good, plus he's on the ground! anyway, i did not think about a fake. if it is, it sure looks real. plus if this picture was in a calender or something alot of cat lovers would probally raise hell, if it were real. i'll pretend hes fake. thanks
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I'd NEVER put something on this board in a humourous manner if I thought that it was a dead cat. I for one am totally disgusted by animal cruelty and would never find a dead cat who is placed is what is supposed to be a humorous manner to be anything but inhumane.

Looking at the cigarette in the kitty's mouth just looks doctored to me. And after seeing that the whole picture just looks fake to me. I hope I don't offend anyone since it's not meant as a cruel joke.
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My son has some sort of photoshop software on his computer. He can take images from different photos and combine them. That's got to be what this is.
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Too cute!! Fred likes White Russians. I can't set one down or he will be all over it. He drank almost half of one once and leaned against the couch with his tongue hanging our for awhile until he fell over and went to sleep. He seemed to have a little kitty hangover the next morning, but it didn't stop him from trying to get one the next time!
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you'll have to look over me. i'm way over sensitive when it comes to cats. theres no doubt in my mind your an animal lover.
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Too, too funny. I know that Opie gets stoned on catnip, when we're gone. We find the pot turned over and, the other day, I found the packet of seeds, on the kitchen floor. As for booze, I used to have a cat that would sneak sips of my late husband's scotch-and-soda or my Pepsi. Face it - cats are weird!
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I got this picture awhile back in an e-mail. It never occured to me the cat might be dead, until now. I know my cats would never stay asleep if I put bottles under their legs, and a cig in their mouth. But I tend to agree with everyone else, I think it has been doctored. The cat looks pretty healthy to me, so I'm sure it was not harmed. They can do amazing things these days with photos.
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Hmm...that cat looks like my kitty (who is alive and well ). Maybe that's why he seems sooo tired sometimes..hard livin' .
I'd like to think that the ciggie in the mouth was due to altering of the picture as well. As for the bottles, my cat does sometimes seem not to care what's around him when he's sleeping. I've been able to put toys under his paws without him really caring...and he has fallen asleep on the remote controls numerous times. Cats can lead such rough lives; sometimes I guess they just get extremely tired .
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Funny stuff!! Reminds me of my cat, Cleopatra. She always wants to taste the alcohol!(of course, she NEVER get any!)
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I'm not trying to start anything, but I think you guys are overreacting a little bit.... I highly doubt that cat was dead .... Scooter sleeps extremely sound and you can pretty much put anything in his paws. Also, the photo manipulation is very easy to do. I've seen this picture on the one funny site before, I just cannot remember the name of it.... It's the one with all of the funny pictures of animals.

And, like Debby said.... the cat looks perfectly healthy!
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I'm with Tigger: lighten up! We've all seen computer-enhanced pix before and this one IS funny!
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lol, I can't stop laughing. I don't think the cat is dead, but at least he died doing what he loved... .jk

I think my cat Lucy would smoke if she could. She tries to breath in the smoke from cigarettes.
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