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New (inappropriate) Pooping Habbit

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My 7 year old cat, Baby has picked up a new habbit. He is pooping regularly in my dad's old den. This has been going on for about a little more than a month and during this time, I've been trying to help by making the litterboxes even cleaner and scooping way more, but he won't stop. The room has tile, so it's not much of a problem cleaning it up (just not a very enjoyable thing to do ) I don't know why he might be doing this but I am wondering if it has to do with my dad's passing. Ever since baby was 8 weeks old he's been with me and my parents, we're the only people he's ever really gotten used to (he runs and hides when other people visit) Baby was close to all three of us and it's always been that way.
But on September 30th my dad passed away. The room that Baby is pooping in was the room that my dad was always in, he made it like his own little den. I know Baby knows that there is something different going on, as he is very wise and observant. Baby has always been "my cat" and we have a really strong bond, but I know he was bonded to my dad too. Could the fact that my dad is no longer with us be stressing out Baby because I can't think of any other thing that could be causing this?

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Maybe the cat is responding to his absence. I think it is often due to stress that cats stop using the box. Baby probably misses him.

Whatever the reason I would have him checked by a vet just in case and move an extra box into the room.

Good luck.
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It could be stress but I'd have the vet do a blood panel on him just in case. Sometimes this is the only way they know how to express themselves when they're sick. Please keep us posted.
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