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Our first dog - is this normal?

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We adopted Max, a 3 to 4 year old Treeing Walker Hound on tuesday afternoon. He's been as good as gold and is already quite obedient. The only thing we're wondering about is his behaviour in the apartment. He usually just likes to lay around, either on his dog bed or on the floor near us. If called, he'll get up, and will play for a minute or so, but would rather relax than run around or fetch toys (usually, once he gets the toy, he'll just bring it back to his bed with him). He loves to be brushed and petted, which he gets very often. If we are doing anything, he'll come over to check it out and either stand around with us (if the something is food related) or lay down nearby. He likes to chew his rawhide bone. If something noisy is outside, he'll go stand by the balcony sliding door. Other than that, he spends his time "lounging". When we take out the leash, and on the walks, he's got plenty of energy. He loves to sniff everything and works his way down the road, investigating everything.

Is this a normal behaviour pattern? Is there such a thing as "normal"? I've never had a dog before. He doesn't seem unhappy to me and is very spoiled with much-loved belly rubs. But my mom came over to dinner tonight, and she said he looks "sad". Is it just that he's not a puppy and so isn't as active once he's indoors? I know he's getting enough exercise, because we walk him 4+ times a day, with at least 1 or two of those walks quite long (hour and a half or more) and the others being at least 30 or 40 minutes. If I'm reading him right, he's just a relaxed guy and it's his beagle-like features that give him a sad expression. Can someone please give me your opinion?
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I am always so happy when my dogs get older and they calm down enough to lounge around with me. I work from home often, and find my dogs spending most of the day napping or lounging. I encourage the dogs to be calm in the house and let loose their energy outside. Perhaps his former owner did the same?

Dogs enjoy laying around with their pack. You are Max's pack leader and if you command calm, he will comply.

It all sounds pretty normal to me! More pictures please?!?!?!?!?
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I think he sounds like a very happy, well looked after dog! He's lucky to get 4 walks a day, and so obviously has plenty of exercise. He's just older and calmer like MomofMany said, he's just happy to lounge with his "pack".
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My two spend their days playing and romping outside and, when in the house, lounge around. Ike heads directly for the couch and stays there until morning. I don't encourage boisterous behavior inside. Sounds as though this is a well-behaved dog.
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Hounds always look "sad" Yours sounds perfectly adjusted. It is normal for them to be inactive inside, not a lot of scents to stimulate them. But open up that back door and their nose comes alive. I would not worry he sounds fine. I will trade you, a german shepherd puppy that catches and kills birds in mid-air and eats our bedroom floor.

Now see how lucky you are?
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Originally Posted by hissy
I will trade you, a german shepherd puppy that catches and kills birds in mid-air and eats our bedroom floor.

Now see how lucky you are?

lol...Missy is very active outside also but when she comes inside she is a totally different dog. it soulnds like your pup is very well trained and was taken care of very well.

psst hissy.... Nahima just started eating the carpet and the door facings and anything she can get in her mouth (including my finger the other day bled like a stuck pig) its bee several years since i had a puppy in the house and i forgot how much work it was. lol now i remember why id on't want any more kids lol. i even set my arlarm every 2 hours at night just so i can take her outside lol (we are still working on house breaking it would be easier if i had a crate )
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I agree with MA. Hounds do tend to have a bit of a `sad' look on their face, but trust me, yours sounds like a very happy boy. He is well into adulthood and so will not likely be nutty around the house. He gets plenty of walks and so he expends his mental and physical energy on those.

Like cats, doggies like to sleep and rest a lot of the day, so when he's not walking with you guys he probably likes to just lie around!

Also, what Amy said is spot on. If Max sees you as the alpha dog, he is freed from any `looking after you' responsibility, and feels content and happy to just lie around and do his thing, knowing that you are his leader and you are going to make sure everything is all right.

Sounds like you're doing a great job, keep it up!!

(And I also would so NOT swap with MA I've had German Shepherds and they eat EVERYTHING!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
I will trade you, a german shepherd puppy that catches and kills birds in mid-air and eats our bedroom floor.

Now see how lucky you are?
How about a "brown dog", who catches birds and will eat anything?
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Thanks very much for the reassurance. You guys have confirmed everything I was thinking. I just wanted to be sure, for his sake. I agree that he does just have a "sad" look to his face....but, like a typical hound, his expression becomes alert when, as hissy said, the door opens and his nose comes alive. I think he's content with his life here. And he's adjusted so fast!

Hissy: though I appreciate the offer, I think I'll stick with my dog. I'm sure your little guy is a sweetie at heart, but right now our lifestyle isn't ready for a puppy (which is why I went to the shelter looking specifically for an adult dog). Good luck with the mayhem, though! lol
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Originally Posted by hissy
I will trade you, a german shepherd puppy that catches and kills birds in mid-air and eats our bedroom floor.

Now see how lucky you are?
I had a german shepard mix that as a puppy, ate thru the kitchen wall and the garage wall. My current gang as puppies started eating the wall and being older and wiser than when I went thru the first round of puppies, nixed that pretty fast (bitter apple can work great if you are able condition them to hate it).

Be VERY glad that your boy is older and has mellowed. Puppies are so cute but what a challenge they present!!
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Your dog sounds very normal. Some breeds of dogs are very active in the house; some aren't too active until they get outdoors (think Greyhound or Whippet)
I wish my Jack Russell mix would calm down in the house! Maybe when she's 15 or so! But I knew going into adopting her that some breeds of dogs are very active indoors.
Sounds like you are doing a great job. Some dogs need so much exercise to be calm in the house, it's like a full-time job tiring them out! Thank your lucky stars you have a calm one!
My Mom's beagle mix always looks sad. It is the hound thing. She has always laid around alot inside, even when young.
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Sounds like my guy.. who is a bouvier mixed with a hound mix.. he justt lounges around. .will bring us a toy when he wants to play.. though he barks alot if he hears something and it takes forever to get him to be quiet.

Also, rawhides are dagerous for dogs to chew on, they can easily cause blockages if shewed off in alarger peices. If you want a simalr thing that will keep him doing something for hours on end, then get him a Kong, fill it with goodies! (you can fill it wahtever edible for the dog, my pupper likes peanut butter and ham, though I ahve seen many dogs that enjoy even their kibble in it)
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all dogs are different and some dogs can be lazy and not all dogs are toy crazy
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