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Cat drinks with paw

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Just wanted to ask if anyone else has a kitty who drinks and eats with his/her paw. I noticed lately that out kitty drinks and eats with his paw.

Is that normal for a cat or is he just trying to be like a person. lol.

Any advice?

China and Oscar
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My two cats, Sampson and Fallon, both eat with their paws. For as long as I've had them they've done this and the reasoning is beyond me. It sure is cute though.:tounge2:

The clinic cat, Kittymitts, drinks from his paw. He'll stick his paw in his water dish and drink a little then he pulls his paw out of the water and licks his paw.
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Here is a picture of Oscar
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Oscar is BEAUTIFUL! I also have a cat, Leo, who drinks with his paws. I don't think it's really unusual. I wish he wouldn't do it, because it makes his water icky and the other cats don't like it. Georgia smacks him every time she sees him do it.
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I used to have a cat who would use her paw to pull dry food out of the dish and then eat it off the floor. Sometimes this cat would drink normally from the water dish, other times she would dip her paw in and lick the water off. Maybe some cats don't like to feel the sides of their bowls touching their whiskers?
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My Girl Mimi eats with her paws...You have a beautiful kitty!
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Yeah, my Maine Coon does this as well. She dips her paw in the water bowl, shakes it vigorously, and THEN licks her paw. After several repeats, she may drink directly from the bowl is she's thirsty. I have little puddles surrounding all water bowls, and one of them is pretty close to my kitchen window, which has marks from dried drops of water all the way up...
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