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Help! How do i stop Cats or Cat from Peeing in heat Vent!

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I need help, seems one of the 2 cats i have Maxx (male), Frodo (Female) are peeing in my heat vents, at least 2-3 in my home. When the heat comes on obviously the place smells. Well i check the vents once a week, and low and behold the vent smells of urine and i have to soak them. I also find myself scrubbing out the inside of the vent?
I make sure thier litter is cleaned all the time, what could be the problem?
Also what can i do about it? Even with the Vents shut, they tend to still do it..and of course i don't know which one is doing it because i am never able to catch them in the act.

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Hi and welcome.
Are your cats fixed?
You also need to get a good cat stain/odor remover.
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The male Maxx is fixed, the female hasn't been fixed yet...
is there something i can do to detur them from even peeing in the vent?
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I wonder if you put something in there that smells like citrus, if that would work? I have read that cats hate that smell.
I have put down bars of Safegard where my male has sprayed, and he hates those, and avoids the area. Obviously you can't cover up a vent...
Good luck, I had a male do that one time when he was locked in my bedroom without a litter pan-- once was enough! Good grief, the whole house had warm, circulating cat urine scent!
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LOL yeah heat cat pee is not fun! especially when guests come by and thier eyes water! i will try the citrus idea!!!
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The female being fixed will help a great deal.
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Feliway helps stop cats from urine marking and scratching.
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sorry for being a newbie but what is "Feliway"
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How many litterboxes do you have, and what kind of litter do you use?
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i have one litter box for 2 cats...
and usually i get whatever is on sale for litter )
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Oh I feel for you. Last year before we sealed up the cat door forever, we had a feral cat that would come in at night after we were asleep and spray our heater. Yikes cooked cat pee! Nasty Nasty!!

I finally found the solution to get the smell out. It happened several times before we figured out it was a phantom pee-er and not one of ours. I took the face plates and rails off (it is an old furnace) Then I slid the glass out and replaced all the insulated pads. Using product, I immersed the plates and rails in the solution for 24 hours then air dried them for two days (I was afraid of a fire starting).

I strongly recommend this product, because if you don't get the smell out completely, not only will the cat who started this come back every few days to refresh his mark, but other cats will add their urine to it to cover his smell with theirs.

Not fun!
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I would recommend another, if not 2 more, litterboxes, and use an unscented litter...Arm and Hammer scoopable is pretty cheap...
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What type of heating vents do you have? (Are they on the floor or ceiling?) If they're on the ceiling, it may be an animal in the attic, if you have one.
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