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After nuetering?

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Hello all,

I had a question concerning my Oscar. He just got neutered about two weeks ago and he is a little over 4 months old. He is a brown tabby. Anyway the question is, Do boys get fatter after being neutered? Cause I noticed that he has extra skin hanging from his belly or is this normal for a kitten? This is my first time being a mommy to a kitten and I will have lots of questions.

His sister is skinny like their mother and she has no fat under her like he does.

Thanks all/

China and Oscar
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Some cats will gain weight post surgery but this can be avoided by cutting back on the amount that they are fed or increasing their activity level to insure that they don't eat more than they can burn off.
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And the "tummy sacks" are pretty normal, even in lean kitties. If you can feel his ribs as you pass your hand over his flanks, he's okay.
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I can feel his ribs, it's good to know that it is normal for the sack to be there. Thank you!

Oscar and China
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My kitten, cosmo, has the 'tummy sacks' too. I think they are normal as long as the cat is not obese. Oscar looked perfect in the pictures.:tounge2:

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Noah gained a few pounds after getting neutered. He has the "tummy-sac". He's on diet food now though, because he gained a tiny bit too much!!
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