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fetching cat

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I want to teach cosmo how to fetch. Cosmo loves to chase balls and I think it would be a good outlet for his play agression. Has anyone ever taught their cat to fetch, if so could you give me some tips?

thankyou- safron
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You know what works great for teaching your kitty tricks and basic commands? Clicker training! It's not just for dogs anymore.

It's pretty easy to learn and it's fun to teach. All you need is the basic knowledge of how it works and animals LOVE it. They catch a lot quicker than without it.

Here's a great link if you want to find out more. http://www.clickertraining.com
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I have a cat that can fetch, but I did not teach her, she just started doing it. I had brought some labels to stick on envelopes for work and I was sitting in the floor putting them on and Soltie would not leave me alone, so I took some of the sticky stuff from the labels and made a ball and threw it, thinking that she would starting batting it around and leaving me alone, well lo and behold she brought it back to me, didn't think much of it the first time, but threw the ball again and she brought it back to me, and from that day on she will bring you those little furry mice for you throw and she will bring them back. You can take one of the mice and let her watch you put in and out of a shoe then throw the mouse and she will bring in back and put in the shoe. She is very good at figuring things out for herself. Which can be a good thing and also bad thing when trying to keep her out of stuff, because if she REALLY wants it, she will find a way to get it.
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You know, I've had 2 cats in a row that were avid fetchers. It wasn't anything I ever taught them though. They just brought the sparkly ball back so I could throw it again. When they don't bring it back, I figure they're tired of that game.
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Thanks for the info., I think I will try the clicker training. Great site badhabit . I'll let you know how successful I am...

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MissyC ~ I just saw that part about the shoes! Good to know my kiity's not the only one with that obsession! Although I never showed him how to put things in my shoes, he just discovered that is somehow really fun. His latest deal is a rock he took out of a planter. I'm always putting my shoes on only to find a rock, crumpled paper, or ball inside!
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Trent sometimes plays fetch. He likes the chasing more than the fetching and most of the time he comes right back without the ball that he wants thrown again. I want to get a fishing pole type toy where you can cast the toy out and then reel it back in again. That way he can chase it coming and going!
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Loki does too at times but it needs to small enough so he can carry it in his mouth or have something sticking up where he can get a hold of it. Ususally it's one of those small toy mice-he graps them by the tail.
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