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What to do!

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So I signed on to my msn this afternoon when a guy I used to volunteer with messaged me (I haven't spoken with him since I left the rescue, in July) and old me that he was going back to volunteer.. and that I should too because they REALLY need help. The adoption centre is open for only a weekend or so, because there are few volunteers.

Now heres my dilema. I quit because I was being wrongly accused of things. Not cleaning properly, stealing cat food or money. And then I took some foster kittens from their foster home and was taking care of them for 5 days while the original foster home was miles away with family. the kittens were about 4-5 weeks old t that time and were still being bottle fed. The owner called me up and told me to bring the kittens back to the centre. I told her no, because no one was there enough to keep them fed. We got into it really bad and eventually my mum talked to her and names were exchanged and we ended up tkaing my keys to the center (I was Supervisor of the adoption center) and kept the kittens at home. She told us she was ging to get the SPCA at us because they needed vet care. We told her we'd provide it ourselves, and did. The fster home came back, she took the kittens back and I explained to her what happened. She kept one kitten and adopted the other one out when she was 3 months old.

But now the center wants me back.. and I don't know if I can do it.. but they need help.
Am I being selfish for not wanting to go back? Should I go back?
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Is it still the same owner? If it is I don't think things will have changed, and that could be why they are short of volunteers!
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apologise and tell them youre not going to work there because they treated you wrongly.
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Is it still the same owner? If it is I don't think things will have changed, and that could be why they are short of volunteers!
Yes, same owner. She emails me a few weeks ago begging me to come back.. but she never apologised or anything.. just said she needed me back.

She never kept a volunteer more than a few months.. I was there for 2.. long years. I miss the cats extremely.. but I don't know =\\
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If it's the same owner than I'd say no way...things probably haven't changed.
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I have to agree with everyone else and say no way. Maybe there is another shelter that you could volunteer at?
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I tried volunteering at another local rescue.. but they kept all the cats caged.. and after volunteering with a no cage rescue.. I actually became depressed seeing cats be in a cage all day. barely any human interaction. Some been there for 5 years.. still in that tiny cage.

Yeah.. probably best not to go back.. she'd just start all over again.
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I respectfully disagree -- you know what you're getting into now, so you're better prepared to handle it. Talk to the woman right up front... tell her you would love to help the cats, but you need her to trust you and treat you with respect, or it's not going to work.

The worst that can happen is that she rescinds the offer and you don't go back. The best is that she realizes she was wrong and accepts your terms, and you get to help the kitties again!
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