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Vommiting Worms

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Last night my cat was sick and vommited a worm along with yellow foam. For the last 24 hours, she has not drank any water or ate anything. When I called the vet all they did was give me de-worm pills (Drontal). However I am concerned because my cat is still not doing anything but sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
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Please call your vet back and tell him what you are telling us. Make sure you get an answer from him/her that makes you feel calmer about your kitty.

Don't wait - do it now.
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Yosemite gives good advice! Do it! Please let us know what is going on! I am praying for your kitty.
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The worms may be the least of the cat's problems. My old
guy often vomited worms when he was young - eating prey
does that sometimes, LOL. Drontal usually cleared them up.

However, if your cat is vomiting and lethargic - the worms
may not be the real issue.

Check again with your vet...there are other things that
can cause such symptoms. Cats get ulcers, kidney problems,
liver problems etc.

And do note: if there is a liver problem - that could cause
adverse reaction to Drontal or other wormers...

So, vet first, observe closely and nurse
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