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Scary stuff

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Brian, my boyfriend was telling me this story about this guy he works with. Anyone here who lives on Cape Cod or close to it might of heard of his place of work Cavossa excavating. Anyhow he said this new guy at work told them he saw this guy get stabbed to death the other night in dennisport and then ran off.

No one really belived him untill the police showed up at work and arrested him. After reading the article in the Cape cod times today turns out he's being charged as the gettaway driver in the murder. The even weirder things is he's wearing his Cavossa sweatshirt in the picture in the paper.

That gave me the chills knowing Brian worked with someone like that.

It's even weirder because things like that usually don't happen around here. **sighs** I guess it's not a small town anymore.
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I live on Cape Cod also, I hadn't heard about this murder. Then again, I haven't turned on the TV in 2 days nor read a paper!!

Scary stuff....wow.
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That is scary! Just goes to show you that stuff like that can happen anywhere. Too close to home, though, that's for sure.
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Very scary.
It goes to show you that you never know what type of person you work with.

At work, there is a guy who has a "bad" temper and he's scared a few of the women there. He absolutely hates the management. You really should hear some of the things he says. He'll say things to the extreme like he wishes they would get into a terrible accident & get wrapped around a pole & die a slow death so he can shoot them. He calls everyone morons, too. Of course, supposedly the supervisors know all of this stuff, but they don't do anything about it. It's people like that they need to do something about .....
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Wow. Stuff like that really makes you wonder who the people you work with or see everyday really are.
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Tigger, I would be afraid to go to work! I think it would be best for you to make an anonymous call to the police department, even if you have to go to a pay phone in another city to do it. If this guy loses it, management and employees could both suffer. I'm sure the kids at Columbine didn't think their classmates were serious. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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I agree with Jeanie G. A few years ago in Aiken, SC, this guy who just seemed like a grouchy slacker walked into the Phelon plant and killed 5 or 6 people. Nobody thought he was really dangerous, either. I had some friends working there, fortunately none of them were hurt, but they all said the same thing. "We never thought he would really do it."
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