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Hi All!

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Hi everybody! Hope you had a fun and safe New Year's celebration!

First of all, I want to say I MISS TCS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not back regularly - yet. Gary and I are still working evening and weekend jobs to pay the bills while doing our analyst thing (which isn't paying right now). But interviews seem to be going well (knock wood), and one firm that was at the reference-checking stage called to say everything checked out GREAT and we have a call with the President of the firm Monday evening. Our lives might get back to normal again if we get his job offer. We may have to move to Florida (Boca Raton), but I can live with that. Although... we've only been in this house a little over a year, and I will be so sorry to say good-bye to it. But we'd have our life back, and that's what counts. !!!

Second of all, I want to let everyone who followed the Tuxie story know that he is doing GREAT! He's down to a long-acting steroid shot (depomedril - sp?) that he went from getting every two weeks to now every six weeks! He's almost Rudolph-like his nose is so red these days! (Tuxie had severe anemia caused by an unkown autoimmune problem, and it took two years to get under control and docs gave up hope of saving his life twice).

Third, we're still in touch with Naomi, who's still on the move. It's hard to get a straight story out of her, so we have no idea if she's clean or not. She says she is, but we totally doubt it. We don't really know where she is, other than the New York area. She says she's going to head to Mexico, but she's been saying that for a while. She's always welcome home when she's spent some time in rehab, gets her meds straight, and participates in family counseling. But she's not there yet. (We adopted a teenage daughter last year. She had fallen out of the foster care system and was on the streets. She went through detox and some rehab, but was subsequently diagnosed as schitzophrenic, bipolar and manic depressive. She wouldn't take all the meds, and ran away from home this past summer).

Finally - I just want to say I hope everyone is doing great, I know I'll NEVER catch up, so I won't try- but I will try to pop by more often.

TCS Rocks and I miss everyone!

I've got pics I've got to post at some point - Flowerbelle is just as cute as ever, and Ming Loy is SUCH a character! Thank GOD we adopted her - now that Tuxie's been feeling like his old self, she's the only one that puts up with him (he has SO MUCH energy - and he's the only one that puts up with her), and I just thank God every day they've got each other to beat up on and romp around with, lol!
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Laurie! Hi there!

Thanks for the updates, especially on Tuxie. I've been thinking of him and wondering how he's doing. And you and Gary and Naomi, too.

Hope you get a chance to stop by more often!
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Hey stranger!

Nice to hear from you after all this time. Any idea how Samoa is doing? I have been thinking about him lately.

Just take care of yourselves and I hope your life gets some stability soon.
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I've been wondering about him too, isn't that funny? I'll shoot an e-mail over to Judy to see if she can give a shout to find out about him.

Christy - congrats!

MA - hope things are going well for you & everyone out your way.... !!!!
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Im so glad to see you back and that things are getting on track!
Ive been wondering how you were
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It's so good to see you on the boards Laurie! Still keeping you in my thoughts!
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Hi Laurie!! Gosh it's good to see you around here! Sending lots and lots of good vibes for that job in Boca to work out (don't your parents live in Florida or am I making things up again?) so your lives can get back to some semblamce of normal.
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You're remembering pretty much correctly, Heidi - boy am I impressed! Actually they live in Brunswick, GA, which is just north of Jacksonville. They're moving though, and Gary and I have to head down there within the next week or so to help. Though they're young still (my dad is 74 and my mom just turned 73), my Dad's had Juvenile diabetes since age 9, and it's taking it's toll on him. My mom has serious problems with asthma, so my sister and I have been "working" on them for a while to look at Retirement communities where they can be independent, but get care - either assisted living or full-time - if they need it. They FINALLY found a place they really like in Birmingham, and they signed all the papers late November.

Their condo is going to be ready January 20, so they've been sorting through things, are getting ready for the big yard sale, and have put their house on the market and have had a few serious offers, though not where they want to accept - yet, anyway.

So ironically, just as we may be moving what would have been a few hours away from them, they're moving to Birmingham, AL. But they'll be just a few minutes from my sister and her hubby, so that works out great. And any time we visit my parents, I'll get too see my sister now too, and we didn't get to visit with each other much before. So that's an added bonus.
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Originally Posted by hissy
Hey stranger!
....I love your sense of humor MA!...

Hi Laurie!!! welcome back!!!...you always going to be missed here!!!

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That's funny, I was just thinking about you Laurie!

Glad that you are doing good. In case you didn't know, I am now back in New Zealand! Yay!

So glad that you are doing good! Lots of love and hugs to you both!
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Hey, Laurie! Been wondering how you were doing. Thanks for the updates. Glad there's a real possibility that things will settle down soon, and restore some sense of normalcy to your life. Drop in when you can, eh?
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