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Cat fell into turtle tank :-o

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Hi Everyone!
I need help quickly - our naughty kitty managed to climb up on the turtle tank and still don't know how, she managed to fall in! By the time I ran there she was trying to climb out and she was all over soaked. I know that it's possible to get salmonella from reptiles, atleast I've been through it almost a year ago once but I wonder if our cat can catch anything!! Can anyone please help, is there anything I should do? I tried to hose her down a bit and dry up but I'm afraid to clean up all the mess because I'm 6 months old pregnant and another salmonella poisoning would be just awful right now
Do you think that our cat will be safe and won't get sick?

Thank you a lot for helping!!!!

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I'm sorry for what happened! The most important thing is that you stay away from the mess as much as possible. I don't know if kitties are susceptible to salmonella. I would call the vet and ask right away.
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I would ask the vet, but cats arn't like us. Think about all the things outdoor kitties get into and eat. Yuk, would kill us! Something I keep on hand that I use and can be, and is used on animal's, is bentonite clay. I get mine at the health food store, but you can get it at a feed store. You have to get some veggie caps (empty capsales) that you can get at any health food store. Fill one with the clay and down the hatch. Very good for food poisoning, parasites, intestinal upset, ect. Helps detox the intestinal tract.
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