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Moving again...opinions please

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Hey everyone!

Well looks like I'll be moving again. First move will be to SW Ontario for a month or 2 before moving out to the west coast. When I moved Reilly here last time I took him on the plane and then it was a 5 hour car drive to here. I wanted to get everyone's opinion..which do you think is best.

A) 5 hour car drive to Winnipeg than 2 hour flight to London


B) 24 hour car drive?

I want to find the least stressful way for Reilly to travel
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I would take the flight and cut 15 hours off of Reilly's stress.
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I also think the flight would be best. Shorter is better I think.
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I would also say the 5 hour drive, then the flight. Sounds less stressfull for your beautiful little kitty.
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I think that depends on Reilly. How well did he travel the last time? Two of my cats (Jasmine and George) moved from New York to Florida with me. It was a two day trip, though that was largely due to the moving truck and how fast it couldn't go. Hubby drove the moving truck, and I drove our car with minimal stuff packed in it -- just our necessities, the kitties and their stuff. I let them roam in the car and all was well. They mostly hung in the far back of the car (car was a Dodge Daytona hatchback) and slept.
What I did do was I bought harness leashes for them and they wore them. I figured it would help me get them out of the car. This worked ok except I didn't choose a real good quality harness and in the hotel George's got pulled too tight and started to choke him. Hubby had to cut it off him, so he didn't wear it for day 2...and of course we took Jasmine's off too. But by then we knew how well they were handling the trip and that they weren't really necessary anyway.
You could also get a sedative from your vet to help with the drive. A friend did that with their cat when they made the same NY to Florida move (driving)....and back.
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Well Reilly is going to earn himself some more frequent flyer miles! He doesn't travel well either way and I hate to do it to him but this is the only way he can be with myself and Jeff.

Thanks for your imput everyone. The shorter trip does make more sense..I just needed an outside unbiased opinion. He is my baby and I will worry no matter what!!..(I'm sure you all know how that is!)
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