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Can I mix it?

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I tried to give Cleo laxatone, but I don't think she likes it. I put a little on her nose to stimulate taste interest and then put about half a teaspoon on her paw. Rather than lick it off her paw she flicked most of it off. Can I mix it with her food? Will that make it less effective? Should I mix it with wet or dry food?
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yes you can mix it but not though I dont think... I used to place it on Kandie treats and she would take it that way... though the easiest is to flatten it a bit and then rub onto leg
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Two of my boys HATE the laxatone, too. And neither of them will eat it if it's mixed in with their food or treats. They also manage to rub or flick it off if I put it onto their leg or paw. My vet taught me a great trick, though. Just squeeze it onto your finger, open their mouths, and rub it onto the roof of their mouth. They don't like it much, but it gets them into them effectively, it's over quickly, and it seems less stressful for them than having sticky stuff rubbed into their fur.
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Hmm, good idea. I'll have to give that a shot. I'm going to try giving her a little more laxatone in a little while because she flicked most of it off on the first try.
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Sure, you can mix it in her food. Unless her stomach is empty when she gets it, it will get mixed in with whatever she's just eaten once she swallows it anyway.
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lol. I didn't even think about that.
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Our cats won't eat anything that has ANYTHING mixed into it! The biggest problem we have with mixing their food with meds of any kind (apart from the fact that they won't eat it), is that they never finish anything, so it's so difficult to tell how much medicine they got.

So if Cleo doesn't go for the food trick, the roof of the mouth trick does work. Just remember to crouch behind Cleo with your butt on your heels and your knees on the floor - this way she can't back up and she can't go forward, so she has to stay put until you've popped her mouth open and gotten her medicine in there. Just be quick - those teeth ARE sharp, lol!
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I put a glob of laxatone in her favorite kind of wet food. She ate it, but she kept giving me dirty looks the whole time.
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I put out a plate of Laxatone and the cats eat off it whenever they feel like it. Some of my cats will, and some won't. If the cat really loves it might limit the amount of time tha plate is left out so he doesn't eat it all. Since I've been giving wet food, they haven't had any hairballs or random attacks of vomit...knock on wood!
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I mix it really well with wet food.... Captain doesn't even notice!
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