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Two vets, two different opinions

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Cleo stole one of those pouches that wet food comes in out of the trash last night and chewed it up quite a bit. I think she may have ingested a couple of small pieces of the plastic material the pouch is made of. I called the emergency vet last night right after I found her with the pouch, and they told me to watch out for vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stool, and not eating and that she should be in the clear after a couple of days. They also said that an x-ray is an option, but even if it showed up on the x-ray there was nothing they could do at that point. My husband really wants an x-ray, but we decided to wait until this morning and call our regular vet for a second opinion.

Our vet said to watch for any vomiting, and that that is the only warning sign. He also said that nothing would show up on an x-ray. He said there is an slim chance that this could result in an obsruction, but most likely she will just pass the material. Cleo ingested the material around 6 pm last night, and has been eating and acting normally since. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether she's had a bowel movement during the night. With two cats it's hard to tell. I'm watching her closely, but I wonder if I should get a third opinion or just wait it out. I can be home all weekend if necessary, but I'm concerned that something will happen when I'm at work on Monday.
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Hi. I would seperate your kitties so you can be sure if Cleo has had any bowel movements. Also, your vet can give you a laxative to give to Cleo that would help it pass more easily. A laxative is usually a paste of some sort that you can put on their nose or one of their front paws so your cat can lick it off. You should call your vet again to see if he/she would recommend that.
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It's not a problem for me to follow them around during the day. It's just at night when I'm asleep that's the problem. I was hesitant to separate them last night because they get stressed out when they're apart. I guess tonight I have no choice but to separate them unless she has a BM sometime while I'm awake.

The third vet I just talked to said that x-rays were an option. She also said I could give the cat laxatone to help her pass the material. My only concern is that I'm not one hundred percent positive that she ate the material in the first place. Would giving her laxatone be harmful if she really didn't eat the plastic?
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I do not believe it would be, but I would call my vet to double check on that. It is probably better to be safe than sorry.
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It's too late for this now, but if you catch him in the act you can induce vomiting:

"How to induce vomiting

Give household hydrogen peroxide 3% orally at a dose of one teaspoon (5ml) per 10 pounds (5kg) of body weight. This may be repeated every 15 to 20 minutes up to three times. No peroxide? Place 1 teaspoon of table salt into the animals mouth.

Always save the vomitus to show your veterinarian.

Warning! Never use Ipecac syrup which may be toxic to dogs and cats."

Please read this link for full instructions including warnings about when it is not appropriate to induce vomiting: http://www.dr-dan.com/newpage16.htm

I have used this trick when my cat ate a ribbon and when my friend's dog ate rat poison. It works like a charm.
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Thanks, that's good to know about for future reference. Although in this instance, due to the size and shape of the plastic I would have been hesitant to induce vomiting for fear of the object getting caught on the way back up. At least now I know more about it in case I ever need to.
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