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Not much to be said about this one!
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OMG is it that time of the month for Sweety?
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That is priceless.
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Too cute!
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How cute is that!
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I love it!!!
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atleast she is only resting her head on it!
Teufel rips pads up!
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you should submit that one for 'Caption This!'
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Originally Posted by laureen227
you should submit that one for 'Caption This!'
Yeah, but how do you beat the caption it already has?

I'm embarassed to say that it took me a half a beat to get it!
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At least that's better than I dog I know who once buried a used pad in the family's couch cushions, only to be found later by a young boyfriend!
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OH my gosh, your caption is PERFECT!!! LOL!
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I guess she was trying to prepare for anything!
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Oh, gods, I'm slow today I just got the pun !
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TOO funny! That is great!

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Here's an extra just to show how much she loved that box! Also because I think it's just so darn cute!
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Very cute!
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LMAO that's great, my cats figured out how to get past the child locks on the cabinet doors to get to the pads...
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Ok, who's gonna come clean the Dr. Pepper from my computer screen?!?!?
HAAHAHAAHAHHA!!! That is just hilarious!!
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Hi everyone who has enjoyed the personality of our loved one Sweety. We lost Sweety in the ER vet last night. Cancer had taken over her body and she never showed a sign or pain till this past week. Thankyou for all your wonderful comments and responses, she will always be remembered, I can't stop crying!
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