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I have had many cats over the years and all of them slept alot but they all were light sleepers were any odd noise and they would wake up, or at least there ears would move to hear the noise better.

I have Tuffy who was a very sick stray, I have had him for 5 months now and I hope we have him all healthy again, He also sleeps alot but when he is sleeping I don't think a earthquake would wake him, I can lightly pet him while he is in his deep sleep for a long time before he even feels it. I am not worried about it, in fact I am happy that he is comfortable enough here sleep so good and as sick as he was I am sure good sleep helped him get better. I am sure he can hear just fine because when he is awake any noise that gets the attention of our other cats Tuffy hears also.

I am wondering if others out there have cats who go into such deep sleep?
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Years ago I had a Siamese that you could pick up and move from one chair to another without waking him up!
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Nothing short of an earthquake would wake Dushka once she is asleep. I can pick her up and carry her upstairs and put her on my bed while she is asleep and she will not even change position! And if she is forced awake she growls and bites - she hates being disturbed from her beauty sleep. The others are all light sleepers.
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No loud noise on the face of the earth could wake Twitch. That's just because she is deaf. Sometimes I wonder if she hears things, but as far as I can tell, nope, she's stone deaf. I can pet her, scratch her, rearrange her body, & she still doesn't move. She knows that no one in our house will hurt her. She was asleep once when I picked her up, acrried her to the sink, & started to give her a bath. She woke up pretty quick, then. She was quite calm during her bath, though.
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Mr. Underfoot is a pretty heavy sleeper too.

I became concerned about it recently because it seemed not even loud noises would wake him, so I tested his hearing by opening a can of cat food in another room while he was asleep - that woke him up immediately.
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Tuffy is real crabby if someone wakes him up also. He don't bite or growl, he just gets up turns his back to you and lays back down and goes right back to sleep. Its the look on his face and his movements that tell me to leave him the heck alone when he is sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes if I am bored I will bother him just to see what he does.
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