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Two things occur to me...

1. It may be that the father who owns the property is not thinking rationally, either because of the dementia that often comes with age and illness, or because of the many drugs he must be taking to fight his leukemia. If so, it's not likely that any amount of documentation regarding the cat litter issue will ever change his mind.

However, you might be able to meet with the son and at least reassure HIM that there's no more danger to his father from cat litter (especially if you truck it out) than from sitting in a doctor's waiting room or walking through a grocery store. That might at least keep him from trying to evict you before the end of your lease.

2. If worse comes to worst and this turns into a huge issue, now or in the future, you may be able to use the media to educate whatever community you're in:

You could invite the local animal control people to come visit you and see how well you're caring for your cats; then, once they have agreed that you are NOT a "hoarder" and your cats are NOT being abused, you could ask them to be present when you invite a local TV station out to your place. You could tell them about your commitment to animal rescue, and about the special arrangements and efforts you make to ensure that your cats are well cared for.

You could talk about the importance of spaying and neutering, and the animal control representative could step in to promote whatever program they have for that. You could get a lot of education done, and also demonstrate to your community that you are a responsible and thoughtful person... not the whacko they imagine.

I suggest this because I fear that your cats will draw attention almost anywhere you go, and it might not be possible to "lie low." If the day comes when you're so under attack that you have to fight back, I think this might be a good plan for how to do it.

But I surely hope it doesn't come to that... and I pray nobody gets the idea that they ought to do something to your cats... and I'm so sorry about that PETA woman. I'm sure they start out as well-meaning people, but like so many PETA members, that woman is two sandwiches short of a picnic...

Don't despair... you'll find a way.
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I would email the lady back and ask her if she thinks a better alternative would be to dump your happy, healthy, well-looked after and well-loved cats on a shelter, or better still, out on the street, since apparently having a home full of loved animals means you have a psychiatric disorder!

Oh, and then I would mention that I'd be more than happy to undergo the psych exam, as long as you can compare the results to the multiple tests she obviously must have had.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia
It may be that the father who owns the property is not thinking rationally, either because of the dementia that often comes with age and illness, or because of the many drugs he must be taking to fight his leukemia.
That was one of my thoughts as well. I want to find a new place, rather than stay somewhere where there's animosity (no matter the cause), I just want more than a month to do it!!

Love your idea about involving the media. If it gets to that point, I may very well do that!

As far as buying a place, we're in no shape to do that, we both have crappy credit.
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Either its dementia from the father, or since the father is the OWNER of the house, he could be very uncomfortable having so many cats. A couple of years ago there was a guy that either died or had been forclosed on his house in the Detroit area...I forget which. But he had 40 guinea pigs running loose in his house (which they used as a toilet as well). The father could be making stuff up because he thinks that 39 cats are unmanageable and fears that the house is "being ruined" by all of your cats. Getting animal control out to prove that you're a capable cat owner will help. I don't know if going as far as televising it is a good idea, as the landlord could be highly embarrassed by that and at fear of loosing business he might boot you anyway.

As for the PETA lady, so sorry to hear about that harrament from her. You may want to again call AC, and also put in a report to the police. If she does have a record and she's already threatening, then you probably want to give her a warning that you don't take harrassment lightly.

My BF used to be active in PETA and Green Peace organizations. Until they found out that he had served in the army and began asking him to do military activism. He got so much pressure (i.e. one branch of a GP-type org that was against lumbering and the detruction of forests wanted him to go out to these sites and saw off trees and hurt the workers). Once they started requesting this type of stuff, then he quickly got out of the orgs.
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Sue, we're sort of in a situation like yours.

Landlords selling our house we have a month to get out. We can spend up to $400 a week renting our house, but nobody wants to rent to someone who has a dog. Poor thing, she's 13 and riddled with god knows what. We're searching every newspaper and internet website we can to find somewhere to live. Good vibes coming at ya.
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Beckiboo- She could buy a nice sized house in rural or suburban Indiana for less than what she pays for rent in Boulder! We had looked at living there- the cost of living is high in Colorado and extremely low in Indiana.
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I'm so sorry about the unhappy living situations, for all of you.... here's vibes to your finding a good place to live with your babies (both cats and dogs). I also think going ahead and filing a report with the police about the PETA woman is a really good idea. At least if anything else comes up you will already have the documentation to back you up. Good luck.

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OMG....Un :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: believeable.
America, land of the free, home of the brave. (Yeah, right)
I'm sorry, I have no advice for this one, but just had to include my 2 cents by saying that & by wishing you luck. I often wonder why some have to make life for others such a royal pain in the a$$-sometimes it seems like you can't do anything right, but this is ridiculous.
I send good vibes for your fight!
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if you have it in writing and as a part of your lease agreement you should be able to bide more time. make sure you do follow through with the attorney and go online and get your basic rights as a renter who leases. that should tell you alone what your rights are. as for the PETA person if she does turn you in you can always do the same and say that she is harrassing you, etc. i hate to say that but i can't stand it when paranoid and extravagent people try to boss others around. of course you have not heard my opinion on the Environmental Protection Agency........i love animals and believe they deserve to be treated with love and respect, but some people are just too extreme for me. i have to admit i don't agree with keeping that many cats, but if you have managed to keep your environment healthy and have positive/valid references you have my respect. anyways, i really hope things work out for you! good luck!
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I would be very reluctant to call the media. They could come to your home, tape, and act all nice, then edit to make a newsclip about the crazy cat lady. 39 is just over what most people will support, whether or not you take good care of them. I think many people consider themselves accepting of others, but they are mainly only accepting of others like themselves.

Having been in the home of a person with about 80 cats, I believe it is possible to keep that many. But I don't think you would get much support from the general public.

I am so sorry you are in such a position. I hope you find an answer soon.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I would be very reluctant to call the media. They could come to your home, tape, and act all nice, then edit to make a newsclip about the crazy cat lady
You've got an excellent point there. The media can be notoriously unscrupulous like that.

Nothing further from the crazy PETA lady, so I'm just taking her comments in stride now. We have had no luck yet in our house search and I need to have a chat with the landlord sometime this week to let him know that, barring a minor miracle, we will not be moving out 2/1 like he was hoping we would do.
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I lived in colorado for 26 years and had enough.... Unfortunatly I love the state but not the bureaucracy.. The media can be your enemy when the situation meets their needs at the time!!!
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Shivers Sue, here in NZ they need to give you 42 days notice.
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Sam, from what I've been able to find out here, we have all the time in the world, as we have a lease good through November 06, and we are within the terms of the lease agreement. If he took us to court to evict us, we would most likely win. However, we don't want to stay if there is going to be animosity, and we told him we would start looking right away for a new place. I did warn him that chances were it would take awhile to find someplace, he just said he hoped it could be in a month. (Yeah, and I hope I win the lottery. LOL)
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Oh you're still on your lease - totally different matter then!

Awesome and all the best!
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That's terrible. Sounds to me like the father is just using the disease as an excuse to make you leave. I would fight it in court.
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I just read this thread now Sue. It's really sucks how your landlord's dad is trying to enforce a decision that has little or no evidence. Good luck finding a new place if it truly has to come to that later this year.
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One of my cat-loving co-workers just raised a very interesting point. One of our kitties, Luthien, died of feline leukemia this past fall, only weeks after we moved here. Maybe the landlord's father thinks there's a connection between human and feline leukemia??? It's something worth bringing up to the landlord. AFAIK there is no connection. MA, any input here?
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
One of my cat-loving co-workers just raised a very interesting point. One of our kitties, Luthien, died of feline leukemia this past fall, only weeks after we moved here. Maybe the landlord's father thinks there's a connection between human and feline leukemia??? It's something worth bringing up to the landlord. AFAIK there is no connection. MA, any input here?
That's a definite possibility, Sue. I was diagnosed with leukemia at age 10, and my "double" cousin (two months younger) with Hodgkin's lymphoma 8 months later. The first thing well-meaning relatives and family friends advised was getting rid of all pets, since we both had to undergo chemotherapy. Luckily, the doctors simply advised against any exposure to pets' excretions, or allowing them to sleep with either of us. The pets remained, and both of us are alive and kicking 38 years later, and my cousin has 3 kids. We both have always had pets.
People undergoing chemo shouldn't be exposed to pets' urine and excrement, as far as I know, and probably shouldn't be sleeping with dogs or indoor/outdoor cats, but the risk is overexaggerated.
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I used to work as an AIDS social worker and the concern with those patients was that they might get toxo. This can be tested for and easily avoided. Toxoplasmosis poses a risk during pregnancy or any illness which makes someone immunosuppressed. If you have a cat and any of these conditions you wear a mask and gloves when handling waste and that takes care of your risk.
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One of the reasons I won't, under any circumstances, support the RSPCA in this country. PETA has been pulling the strings with the RSPCA for a long time.

Last week, in our local paper, a little cat had been in an RTA. No one knows who owns this little cat (not micro-chipped) and she had extensive pelvic injuries. She is such a lovely little cat, the vetinary hospital who took her in performed emergency surgery. As there was so much treatment involved, they asked the RSPCA to help. They refused point-blank The veterinary hospital has pledged to do all they can to help this little cat back to full healths and have been looking for donations from the public to help with the cost of her treatment.

I have reported a neighbour who doesn't look after her animals several times to the RSPCA. Each time, I'm made to feel like an interfering busy-body. The attitude I've come across from the RSPCA is totally different to what is broadcast on our TVs. On the TV, they come across as caring people putting animals first. In reality, they're arrogant, obnoxious people who's only aim is to stop people owning pets. For some time now, they've been trying to get reptiles banned as houseshold pets. Why? I keep snakes and each and every one of them is extremely well looked after. If the RSPCA (aided by PETA) got their way, would my snakes be rehomed in a Zoo or released in the wild (where they would die anyway as they are all Captive Born and Bred and wouldn't know a jungle if it reared up and hissed at them!). No, of course, not! They'd be put down - killed - murdered whatever you want to call it.

I support charities like the Cats Protection League and a local Reptile Rescue centre. RSPCA I'd never give them one, single penny.

Sorry, I've just had a bit of a rant myself, because there is so much mis-information put about by the likes of that woman from PETA.

I really hope you get things sorted out, and I too would dig my heels in - at least for the duration of your lease, then find somewhere where you and your feline family can live happily and at peace with your neighbours.
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THIRTY-NINE CATS????? And I thought it was a stampede when feeding time comes for my three ... LMAO

My best friend is a dog breeder. She lives in a rural area and has about 400 dogs, in four separate kennel buildings. All the buildings are heated in winter and A/Ced in summer, and include roomy runs and warm bedding for each animal. The puppies and mama dogs have a room of their own and they all eat Eukanuba. Thursday night is Hot Dog Night, when everyone gets a treat (and she uses about a case of hot dogs. lol)

She's lived out there for eight years, on five acres, she bought out the kennel owner across the street who retired when she moved in. No problem at all until the family bought the land next to hers and built a big ol' McMansion on it. They let their dogs run loose (and then complain about the noise from the kennels!) and the county is all of a sudden jumping on my friend about her use permit. She was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, so she is struggling to placate the county, the neighbors, and her oncologist before she goes completely out of her mind. LOL

I can't understand why people don't go after the genuine hoarders and the breeders who have cages piled on top of each other, instead of after people who conscientiously care for each of the creatures in their charge. You have my sympathy, as well as my admiration.
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I am so sorry what you are going through. However, this is what happens when these AR (Animal Rights) nut jobs get involved. I have stated this many times in the past, because I own exoics. These people will not stop until we put an end to their stupid actions. PETA would like nothing more than to see your 39 cats destroyed instead of being in a loving home. They, the AR people, are the ones who pressure our law makers to push for such stupid, useless, and waste of tax money laws. Land of the free? Not any more. We lost many of our rights long ago and it makes me sick. We should be able to own the animals of our choice and as many as we want, as long as they have the proper care and you are responsible. Yes, 39 cats is beyond what many people can properly care for. But, if the cats are healthy, happy and well cared for, I see nothing wrong with it. I wish you luck and tell PETA to go pound salt.
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Thanks, everyone, for all your words of support. How I wish one of you owned a house in Boulder or Longmont, CO and were willing to rent it to me!!

Still nothing but "no" responses to all the housing available ads I've inquired after, and only one reponse to my housing wanted ad, which unfortunately is in a town that has a 4 cat per house limit, so it's not do-able for us. We're suddenly a little more eager to move down into town from the mountains, as a large grass fire started about 25 miles away last night. There has been no rain here for months, and everything is dry. As remote as we are (about 5 miles from fire station) it could be a disaster in the event of fire.

John, I agree with you that we've been losing rights for years. Since we have lynx, bobcat and cougar wild here, I looked into the laws about exotics in the event we ever found an orphaned kit, and we would not be allowed by law to take it in. I guess the lawmakers would rather see an orphaned wild kitten die than be cared for.
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I'm thinking the landlord is scared and uninformed and doesn't know what to do.
I think inviting him over would to see the cats wouldn't be a good thing.
Can you get ahold of the landlord/tenant laws in CO??? But I would agree if you have a lease-what can he do. I'm not sure how much you like this place but could you have a land contract to buy the place from him??? I'm just thinking ahead to the time he passes away and the property get tied up in court.
I applaud your effort on all the cats I nver realized how many you had.
I have 13 at my peak-most where kittens though and that was lots of furry feet around the house!!
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John, I agree with you that we've been losing rights for years. Since we have lynx, bobcat and cougar wild here, I looked into the laws about exotics in the event we ever found an orphaned kit, and we would not be allowed by law to take it in. I guess the lawmakers would rather see an orphaned wild kitten die than be cared for.
This is true in most areas, even where I live. Since bobcats are native here, I need a license from the state to own the bobcats and also have a copy of the USDA license from the breeder, to prove that the animal was not taken out of the wild. However, to rescue wildlife, you would need to get a rehabilitators license from your state. I do agree with this, you do not want just anyone picking up an orphaned bobcat and lynx kitten or cougar cub and try to care for it. Since these animals were born in the wild, you would need to know what you are doing. All of my exotics have been born and raised in captivity by breeders, with constant human contact. Many times, people will see one of these cubs or kittens out wandering alone, thinking it was orphaned. Most of the time, they are not. The mother may be out hunting and had the kittens or cub out with her, to teach them their hunting skills. A licensed rehabilitator would know how to care for the animal, so that it could be released back into the wild. However these cats, when born and rasied in captivity and cared for responsibly, make wonderful companions and should not be banned from ownership. I do believe in fair regulations however. Good fair regulations help promote responsible ownership and protect the welfare of the animal and the safety of the public. An example of fair regulations would be something like this: Lets say you wanted to own a cougar. Fair regulations would require you to have proof that you have had 2 years experience working with cougars or experience working with some of the smaller exotics for 2 years. It would require you to have the proper secure enclosure, with a double door entry system and a perimeter fence around the enclosure. And you would need to have a vet that is able and willing to care for your animal.( I have all of these that I listed here ) I also believe that anyone with a history of felonious criminal activty, should not be able to own an exotic. They are not responsible in society, so they would not be responsible with an exotic cat. Leaving a cougar tied up in your back yard on a leash, like a dog, would NOT be the responsible thing to do either. These regulations make sense, however our law makers are too lazy to make such rules. To do a blanket ban is so much easier for them. Bans are more costly for tax payers to enforce. With regulations, the cost could be passed on to the animal owner with licensing fees, as long as it wasn't rediculous.
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I think the toxiplasmosis is what the man is afraid of, not the litter it's self. Maybe find out who his doctor is and get him to talk to his patient? If the doctor is knowlegable he should be able toease the fears of thim man.

If your cats are not eating wild life then they have a very low risk of catching this disease, let alone shedding it's spoors in their waste.

Send articles about how it is transmitted and what cats are likely to carry the disease. I would say test all the cats, but that is a huge amount of $$$ with all the tests you would need.
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I don't know where you have to drive to get to work, You may have to relocate in Colorado anywhere where its still desolate. There might be a home on land where you don't have neighbors for miles. I lived in Colorado for 26 years and moved to Nebraska 3 years ago. Boulder is a really nice place but if I remember they dictate alot of stupid things there. You may have to widen your possiblities to a small town, and comprimise your drive to work. I wish I had a house in colorado to rent to you. You can move to nebraska!! LOL They have cheap houses for rent here and nobody really says anything about the amount of animals you have. Where I live we don't even have a shelter for the animals who need one. When a dog runs lose they take it to the local vet and people have to pick it up there.

You wouldn't believe how cheap the rent here is for a 3 bedroom house!! Some are anywhere from 300.00-500.00 month. There are houses here for sale for 30,000-up. I know in Colorado the housing expenses are terrible!!!! Thats why I moved here.

I have a friend who is a vet in colorado and they lived in aurora. There is a 3 cat pet law, well they probably match your numbers in cats, I asked them once if the law can dictate they remove anymore than 3 cats from their residence(which I find appauling that a city can dictate what goes on inside the walls of your own home) She told me that they had to apply for a licence and they have to pay the city revenue for each cat over 3...... Thats just because they got caught because the neighbors complained...They own their house and a city can dictate the numbers of animals within your dwelling...grrr

Thats why I like the country!!! No more stupid laws!!
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