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So angry! Rant!

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Back in October, we moved almost 2000 miles from PA to CO. I meticulously researched pet ownership laws in all the towns we were considering, and was 110% honest with all prospective landlords about our multiple cat situation.

We found a place that was a lot like paradise. The landlord was ok with our cats and all seemed to be fine. Then, on Christmas Eve, he called to tell me that his father (our nearest neighbor, 1 mile away) who has leukemia, was upset because he had read somewhere that cat litter was toxic to leukemia patients and he wanted us off the property in a month. Needless to say, I balked, and tried to figure out a mutually satisfying outcome. I offered to truck all our litter down the mountain to a public dump at my own expense, rather than using the communal "dump" on the site. That was not acceptable to him. His father is the actual owner of the property, and he is not budging an inch that we need to leave. He also told us that he spoke with animal control and was told that the maximum number of cats allowed in Boulder is 7 per house; I called animal control and spoke to the program manager, who told me there was no such law, and that the information I'd gathered before moving was correct, Boulder has no limit on the number of cats per house. So my landlord either is lying or someone gave him false information.

We have a lease that says our cats are ok at the house, signed by the landlord, as well as copies of all my emails back and forth with him in which it's quite clear he knows about the cats and is fine with them. The lease is not up until November 2006.

I am ready and willing to fight for our rights as per the lease, but I am also looking elsewhere for a new home for us. I know this is not going to happen easily or quickly. I placed a "housing wanted" ad on craigslist last week, explaining our situation and detailing what we hoped to find in a rental. We have numerous positive references for ourselves and our cats, and the current landlord has also offered to write a letter of recommendation for us.

Well, I just received an email from someone renting a place in downtown Boulder. She wrote telling me that she has forwarded my ad to Animal Control as I am obviously a hoarder, and went on to tell me that I needed a psychiatric exam!!!! I googled her name and found out she is a rabid member of PETA and has been arrested before for "animal activism" so I don't doubt that she will follow through on her threat.

Sorry, I just needed to vent. Here I thought life was going just wonderfully for a change, after a few years of hell. I guess I was mistaken!
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I am 90% positive he is wrong about the leukemia and cat litter connection. I can contact some of my network and ask them how to find out if this is even true. But I did an extensive article about cat litter and looked at all sides of the issue, never even once did I see that mentioned.
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I was suspicious from the get-go. I'm an RN and never heard of such a connection. My thought on this is that he was ok with our cats, but then his dad found out and pitched a fit. Oh well, he was the one who told his ADULT son to manage the property and find a tenant....
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This is so ridiculous! I can't believe the woman from PETA! I hope you get it sorted. You should tell her she needs a psychiatric exam not you.
The dad sounds like he has nothing better to do than disrupt other peoples lives. I really hope your side is heard. Good luck, Lauren.
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Thanks, Lauren. My job has a free legal consulting service for employees, I am going to call them today to get a lawyer's opinion on this.
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oh gosh i cant believe people are so cruel!
*sending you lots of house hunting vibes and getting this all clear vibes*

How many cats do you have exactly?
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We have 39 of them, Fwan.

Thanks for the vibes!!!!
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I don't have any advise.... but I am thinking of you.

Having just moved myself, I can't imagine the stress you are under I hope everything works out.

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i am so sorry you are going thru this i was going to offer to have my uncle look into the legal end of it as far as your contract was concerned because he is a lawyer since you already had legal contacts i still can if you want me to can i ask why you moved to CO from PA ? i live in PA and its such a great historical state i cant imagine moving except to maybe hawaii lol im not suprised about the woman from PETA they can be loony we had a big arguement on craigs list in the pet forum a few days ago regarding their beliefs best of luck with this situation and again im real sorry
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We moved from PA for a bunch of reasons. One of the things I love about CO is we have 350 days of sunshine a year! The temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's since two weeks before Christmas, and everyone I work with says this is the normal winter weather!

Thanks for your offer, I don't know if the laws in PA are different than the ones in CO though. ??
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Dang Sue if it isn't one thing it's another. Just wanted to let you know that The Sammycat and Oscar along with all the dogs and myself are sending our support to you and your gang.
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Thanks, Cathi!! Give the Sammycat and Oscar a hug from me!!! (And the dogs too!)
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THats not bad, people thought i was crazy for having 21
but i had really mean people in our neighbourhood that fed them some kind of poison
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
We have 39 of them, Fwan.

Thanks for the vibes!!!!
Sue Im so sorry for all that your going through. Some people Thats so wrong to me.
I had to stop and count all your names in your siggy....WOW 39........You do have a house full. How often do you step on a kitty? Seems like they would be underfoot alot. My husband would keel over... We have one and I want two.........lol Im going to have to share your family with him.
Keep us updated with how it all works out. I think your totally within your rights to stay where your at, although I dont know how pleasant that might be with the strain from the Landlord. Maybe youll find another wonderful place that you love even more and will appreciate all your furbabies.
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I'm so sorry this situation isn't working out. And I'm embarrassed about the woman in Boulder (but then Boulder has a tendency to attract the more extreme to the left for the last 30 years). We have had a very mild winter this year (it is 54 degrees at 7am in January) so I'm hoping it holds for you until you can get your situation under control.

Good luck.
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Liz, I often say that I feel like I live at a daycare. That includes my (in)significant other!

I honestly feel lost when I am in a place without cats, I am so used to seeing at least one in every room I go in!
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It sounds to me as if you have the law on your side, you have a contract which states that having your cats is OK, there is no statute to limit your cat numbers (HOW fab to have 39!! Why not make it a round 40!?)so I would imagine that if it went to court you'd win. However, I can understand totally about looking for a new place, who wants to stay where even one person doesn't want them?

I should ignore PETA-woman, she obviously has some sort of problem with other people enjoying their life.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by millyanddaisy
It sounds to me as if you have the law on your side, you have a contract which states that having your cats is OK, there is no statute to limit your cat numbers (HOW fab to have 39!! Why not make it a round 40!?)so I would imagine that if it went to court you'd win. However, I can understand totally about looking for a new place, who wants to stay where even one person doesn't want them?

I should ignore PETA-woman, she obviously has some sort of problem with other people enjoying their life.

Good luck!

We had 40, until we lost Luthien to FeLV about 8 weeks back We used to make it simpler by telling people we had Two Score cats. (a score=20)
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I don't have any advice for you. Just wanted to send some good vibes and well wishes your way. good luck I hope you get it all sorted out soon. it doesn't seem fair at all.
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That's awful!

I sure hope you can get this sorted out in your favor, and then find a better place when the lease is up.
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Sorry no advice here, but will send best wishes and good vibes to you and your family that all works out for all of you. Will keep fingers and toes crossed to.
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I'm so disappointed to read this. I remember reading about your big move and I was so heartened that you found this wonderful place where the landlord was ok with all your cats, and I was really happy for you.
You do have the law on your side, but at the end of the day you need to be comfortable with we're you're living with no acrimony between you and the landlord.
I'm wishing you lots of luck in resolving this situation. Keep us updated!
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Sue, that sucks!!
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Sue, I'm sorry this had to happen when things were looking up for you. All I can do is wish you a lot of luck, and advise you not to waste a thought on the obnoxious PETA member.
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Sue that just plain sucks!! I would guess the freak already has dealt with the Boulder AC many times, and they know who and what she is.

A fellow shooter who lives and works in Boulder would give this description about where he lives, "Go to the edge of reality, and take a Left."

Good luck in finding another rental! If you need to vent out loud, you know where to find me.
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Hi Sue! Just wanted to add my good vibes for all to work out for you, your fam and kitties.

39 is WAY too many cats for most, and it takes a dedicated, conscientious, caring and loving person/people to manage, successfully, that many animals. People don't understand it can be done, so I don't think they're nuts for thinking it's nuts - it IS nuts - it's just a kind of nut we can understand and love.

I sure hope the PETA lady does no harm - if she's been arrested, she can be trouble, so I'm sending up vibes for you on that front too.
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I had 23 at one time and that was way over my comfort zone. Now I have 14 and that is my limit. I have had to turn down cats already this year. I have six up for adoption right now. The "campground kitties" are doing well, and hey, guess what? That rumor about older feral kittens not being able to be socialized is nonsense! These cats who came here at 7 months old, never having been touched by human hand, are now the biggest love bugs of my bunch! It took several months, but now when you start petting, Dash, Chaplain, Tipster or India, they can't get enough of you. Tip now follows me around the house meowing for "pets."

Sue, I know you do right by these cats, and you would eat ketchup and hot water rather than deny them vet care. I did talk to one of my sources and this is what she said:

No, there's no specific connection between cat litter and human leukemia patients---OTHER THAN folks being treated with chemo or otherwise immunocompromised must avoid exposure to any sort of bacterium/infectious organism.

Cat litter, being the toilet, might contain potentially infectious agents especially if the cat is sick. But a healthy cat, with another family member handling the litter cleanup duties, should pose very little risk.
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OMG, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Why can't things get good and STAY good? Life is so unfair. I'm hoping for a positive outcome for you...
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I don't know your entire sitution, but is there any way you can purchase your own place? If you could get a trailer in rural Indiana, it would probably cost the same as renting in Boulder. And the neighbors wouldn't look at you sideways for having 39 cats, because they might have almost as many! LOL!

Of course earning an income in Indiana can be a challenge...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I think the law is on your side, and you may need to stand your ground for the duration of this lease. Take some cookies to the old man, and see if you can sweeten him up!
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Maybe you could report the PETA woman for Harressment
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