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Cat in distress with kitten birthing

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I hope someone can help me. I rescued a cat that had been dropped off on a farm (greenhouse type not even a barn along with her siblings. I got the last one and she had a serious neck injury. I nursed her to health and around here they wont spay females until 8 months of age. By this time she got out and got pregnant. Of the 4 2 are deceased (due to my handicapped son)and one has been adopted by a nice family, and the other one turned 8 months old on March 4, 2001. However today she started to give birth to her kittens. First thing this morning she had two now I can feel others in there but she is not getting them out, is not cleaning hersefl or the one kitten, and I am afraid the one doesnt look healthy at all. Very small frail looking. After reading the other info on this site and links to that breeder I am giong to take the kittens and put a heating pad in a storage bin with a towel and clean them up with warm water and blow dryer on low (other choice is high). I cant get a vet I have been trying all afternoon. I will post back with results, but am looking for suggestions and empathy. This kitten would have been spayed but she got pregnant too quickly. Why they make you wait up here I dont know. It is also no longer a one day surgery. You have to have cat examined, get shots, lukemia test, wait for results then spay??? I am really frustrated with this system but I will work on that another day!@ )
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I knew posting this would work! She had the other two kittens, then cleaned them up and is starting to clean her self! The funny thing is her mother had another litter on SuperBowl Saturday, and she had been trying to drag those kittens into her pile! (which are 1/2 her size a funny site!!!)I now put a towel in a deep bin (so she cant drag the kittens all over the house! and put her and all 4 kittens in. She seems very content. Time to get two cats spayed! Her momma first since her kittens are 7 weeks old I can take her for her shots this coming week and schedule her spay. Then in 8 weeks I can get this one done!
Thanks for emotional support!

OH I JUST REALIZED that I neglected to explain that she was the one I rescued's kitten! So my rescued cat is a grandma and the newest mommy is an Aunt and a Mommy at the same time and my rescued cat is not only a new momma(7 weeks) but also a grandma!
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Where is it that you live? That really chaps my A** about the 8 months. Do they not realize that cats can get pregnant as early as 5 to 6 months. JEEZ, you would think they would get a clue and not help the overpopulation problem!! I am glad that everything turned out okay. I hope they do well. I had to wait 3 hours one time between kittens! Keep us posted on how they are doing.
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they are all doing good! However, Mama Kinky is driving us nuts she is taking (Her mother's) kittens that are 7 weeks old and dragging them to her nesting box (much to their discontent) She cant get them in the box but they are not happy Why is she doing this?
I will keep you posted!
thanks for caring!
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She is just trying to be a good mother. Some cats are like this. It actually helps some rescue organizations because they take over for the mothers that refuse to care for their own. If it becomes a real problem, you might just try putting mom and her new kittens in a room of their own.
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it would make sense if the older mom was taking the new kittens but the new mom taking the older kittens doesnt make sense. The older kittens are independant. They rarely even nurse on their own mother they are 7 weeks old. My 13 month old baby is still nursing so I am not one to wean my cats I let them do their own thing! But the older kittens are realy hiding now. This is starting to get on their own nerves! They are hiding under my kitchen table in a box! Thanks.
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From what I've read, some cats with a high level of pregnancy hormones will try to foster any live creature of approximately the right size, be it an older kitten, a bunny or a mouse

Where do you live? Tell your vet that the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recommends spaying and neutering at the age of 4 months (and says it's okay to spay/neuter kittens as young as 2 months).

Maybe you can print these articles and let him read them:



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One Mix:

The spay/neuter policy where you live puzzles me. When I got Squirt 5 years ago, he was about 4 months old, and the Humane Society told me to have him neutered at 6 months. Part of the adoption fee was a credit toward the neutering later. The Society is in partnership with many local vets, who will spay/neuter for free when the time comes. They recoup their fee from the money you paid at adoption time. When I selected Joey 3 years later, he was about the same age (4 months). By this time the Humane Society neutered him on the premises before I was allowed to take him home. They also implant one of those microchip identification things in case he ever gets lost and turned in.
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but first of all, the older cat should have been done early. My mother-in-laws vet would have done it as early as 4-6 months. However, this second cat would not be done even then with her tail problems as we were waiting to see if it needed amputation. It gave her some problems with the birthing I believe so it will be good to have her spayed, so that we dont go through that anymore. And remember the oldest cat is one I rescued after some irresponsible jerk dumped her off at a farm. Also, my oldest cat was rescued from a breeder who was going to have him destroyed when he was born with 22 toes and the "wrong" color! I am waiting for an appointment now for the oldest mama and hopefully her 3 kittens which will be done now.
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I took Lucky and her three kittens to the vet today. She is staying the night and being spayed in the morning. She had the Rabies and Distemper/Upper Respiratory Vaccines today and the kittens are very healthy. They will get their shots on April 25 and they will be spayed/neutered on April 26. This vet is definetly a cat whisperer! Lucky was very cooperative with him and she wasnt even nervous! He is awesome! On May 20th(or whatever day they have open) the other mama will be getting shots and spayed and then June 20th(ish) these four will be spayed!

According to this vet her kink is a genetic thing and he would have spayed her early as well! I am glad I got a good vet now. He had to agree tho that waiting for her tail to be under control was a ok precaution because when she had no control whe got urine/feces in her fur which he said could have caused infection. So another vet erring on the side of malpractise caution was not a "bad" thing. Remember, she was IN the house when this happened.
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