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Oi...*slap's hand to face* I don't know how he does it, but that cat has got me on another fear streak. I knew i should have cat proofed this house! Ok, here's the deal, all of he air vent's in our house airn't covered, and two of them are against the wall and big enough for...oh, say a CAT to get through. one's in ym parunts room and one's in mine. mine's blocked by my vanity dressr, and I blocked my parunt's with a pillow two night's ago, mainly because when they had moved my vanity dresser to put the mirror, I cought the cat kneeling down at staring at the vent, and, knowing very well what the little squirt was about to do, i dived and grbabed that cat by the tail JUST as he shot in there, then pulled him out. And yet, not all my blocking has kept him from doing the proven possable. There are two small vent's in the family. one's metal is leaning forward, so he could never get down there...the other is not. and oviosly, the twerp WENT DOWN IT. I had no idea, but when i came now and my mom asked me if I had knopcked something over (I tend to do that. I'm pron to knocking drinks over, to. and shelfs. and other things) And I said no. She said it sounded like metal popping (like when you put pressue on it or something. don't remember) And anyway, IK then saw Charlie beside me and spotted some weird fuzzy thing on his head...a dirt that would oviosly come from one of the vents. And that cat went down in the vent!! Thankfully, the furness wasn't on, but now I'm going to pester my dad to block every vent! Two room up stair's have the door's always closed, and I close the bathroom door. He show's no interest in the one in my parunts bath room, and the dinning and living room are blocked off so the dog's wont take a dump in there (Tara's old and is gonna croak at some point soon, and her bladder controll is about 5, so no one really get's mad at her, and Sally we don't know.) so he couldn't get in there. though he could have gotten hurt, i find it kinda funny (because he jsut prove's the impoissable is possable) And jsut wanted to share this. to those ehr are reading this, yo may go on with yuor daly live's now.

Over and Out,