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Hey, guys! Thanks for taking your time to read my post.
My cats have been eating Iams Cat food for a while now, and lately, they seem to be throwing up every other day or so. I cant figure out which cat it is, and i'm also not sure if its their food, but could anyone recomend a cat food that is nutritious, and your cat seems to enjoy it?

Thanks again for your time.
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I've never had any luck with Iams. Either my cats would refuse to eat it, throw up or have loose stools.
I feed a raw diet, but they also get some kibble. I use Purina One chicken.
They like the taste, no stomach upset, no loose stools and the ingredient list is ok. Of course the kibble is only about 10-25% of their total diet, the rest is raw.
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Nutro is a great food! I have had no problems with it!!
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We feed our two lovelies Merricks. They eagerly await their morning and evening feedings.
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I have one on Natural choice dry ... one who is 75 raw 25 dry and one all raw ....

My recommendation is steer away from corn and by product( unless raw or fresh cooked organs) and chemical pres...

Tell us if you want dry or wet??
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The brands I have been told to try and are top quality are Nutro, Merricks, Wellness, Natural Balance, California Natural, Eagle Pack, and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. I used to feed Iams but I am switching because of everything I'm learning on this site! I just bought like 6 different brands of canned cat food and I'm trying them out. So far mine loved all of them, especially the Wellness! And mine used to vomit if I gave them canned food occasionally as a treat, so I didn't want to give it to them anymore, but now I feed them canned every day and they don't vomit at all, even their hairballs seem less frequent.
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A few more good brands(to add to Menagerie Mama's list) are Innova, Premium Edge, & Felidae(which is an all lifestages food & has made my life easier as far as feeding). That's all I can think of for now.

I saw some Sensible Choice today, but I didn't stop to look at the ingredients list. I think its OK if I remember right, but someone else can tell you more about it.
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Thank you to all of you who replied! I'll give a few of the ones from the lists you guys gave me a try. I've given my cats canned food before as an occasional treat, but one seemed to throw up after a while. (Again, cant figure out which cat) Do you guys recommend anything?


ps- thanks for all your help!
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I like the new INNOVA 'raw' food, not as good as raw but far better than most dry foods.
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Eagle Pack is great stuff. I feed it to both my cats and dogs... and they're all the healthiest theyve ever been.
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I fed California Natural for a while, but have recently switched to Felidae. Still waiting to see how the kitties respond to it, but so far it's looking good.
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I feed all of mine raw meat and bone and there has been no throwing up (except the occasional morning sickness with my prego queens) or loose stools with any of my cats.
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there are a lot of cats out there with sensitive tummies.

the only thing seth really likes is trader joe's brand (dry and wet) which has no biproducts. she had a loose stool with science diet and was always grumpy (sore tummy i'm guessing), but once i switched her she's doing great.
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Soy is what irritates my sensitive cat's stomach. You might want to check to make sure there isn't any soy in the foods you chose - try to avoid anything with soy or soya in the ingredients list and see if that helps.

If it's possible, I think you should separate the cats for a while to see if you can figure out who's doing the vomiting, and take that cat to the vet to make sure there isn't a health problem causing the vomiting.
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Canned food:

Merrick's: Granny Pot Pie, Cowboy Cookout, Turducken, New England Boil(gulped this one down)

Natural Balance: Indoor and Ultra formula

Authority: Chicken, Turkey

Dry Food:

Royal Canin Special33

All of the canned food above are eaten COLD...I mean right out of the refrigerator by our 8 month old Ocicat............normal stools and no vomiting.

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one of my younger ones occasionally throws up her canned food, but i think it's 'cause she's eating it too fast. i use chicken soup for the kibble. i'd like to switch to a better canned food, but i just can't afford it yet... but i'm hoping to do so soon
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I think those allergy diets are great even for cats that don't have allergies just because the formulas themselves eliminate all those common pet food ingredients that could cause a sensitive reaction. For example, someone mentioned soy can cause problems in some cats and many of the lower quality cat foods contain soy. My cats are doing really well on the dry Natural Balance venizon and pea(no soy, no corn, no chemical preservatives etc) and for canned I feed a variety of brands because it has been my experience that Spotty will throw up dry food but not canned. Increasing the canned has stopped my cat from vomiting. If it's canned your cat is throwing up then you may need to change the brand of canned you're feeding.

When your cat food is simply made of a selected few ingredients such as venizon and pea(and a little salmon oil for a shiny coat, kelp, canola oil) or California Natural is made of only chicken and brown rice and some sunflower oil and supplements, I think there is much less likely to be an irritant. This may not be true for all cats however, but it's what I trust.
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Here's a website that lists several top canned food choices and gives info about each of them:

And here's a website that you can by natural, high-quality canned food from: It gives info about them as well.

Good luck! Hope your kitties and you find a food you're both happy with!
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Thanks so much for all the help you've guys have given me! I've been away for the weekend, but tomorrow, i'm going to buy one of the food choices, see how that works out after a while. I'll also see bout the canned food every other day or so. Hopefully it will work out!

Thanks again, everyone!
(and Callie & Sallie)
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
Soy is what irritates my sensitive cat's stomach. You might want to check to make sure there isn't any soy in the foods you chose - try to avoid anything with soy or soya in the ingredients list and see if that helps.

How did you learn that soy upset the cat? What were the symptoms?
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sry it took so long to reply guys, i've been so busy lately. Anyway i'm giving Natural Balance a try for now, thanks so much for all your help! You guys are great!

~DaniAnna015 and
Callie & Sallie
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