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Help me please a strange behavior!!

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I am a breeder of Maine Coon cats. I involved with breeding before three years ago and I never had such problem. I was brink to my home a new male cat 10 months old. I saw for the first moment that my new boy was so stressed. He was shacked so much and he always tried to hide somewhere. He eating so little food and he have already loose about 500gr. He is a very nice and big boy about 6.5kg and a really nice Maine Coon. I took him to my vet and doctor was found him very healthy. I visited and a second vet for a second opinion and I did a full of checks again but I had the same answer. That my boy is absolute health!! I can’t explain this behavior. I must mention it that I bought this cat for show-breeding and I am really scared that maybe this problem is in his character and maybe it’s not good to breed him in the future.
For another way as my cats smelling him they are fighting not only with him but and between them!!! . I was holding him in a separate room from my other cats about four weeks and I follow all instructions how to introduce a new cat to an older cat.
I bring all my cats from abroad and I had never had such problem. All my cats are friendly and never fighting together.
I had read all threads that people have such problems with their cats, but the different is that my cats were aggressive between them even this boy he isn’t close to them.
I need your help please, unfortunately in Greece we haven’t a behavior therapist so to advise him.
Thank you
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I would start neutralizing their smell. Here in America, we are fortunate enough to have several products available...comfort zone room diffusers by Farnum Pet, Feliway Spray and Bach Flower Remedies. Are any of these products available for you in Greece?
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Dear hissy
First of all thanks that you answer me back. In Greece we have the Feliway Spray that I already used, but believe me nothing change.
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It sounds like your new male has not been socialized properly with either humans or other cats. Because he is stressed, he "smells" funny and therefore they are attacking. Because they are stressed out by him they will be acting out among each other. Multi-cat homes get that way.

Maybe if the problem doesn't get better, neutering him might be in order?
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I am thinking that you have right about that. My cats are always so friendly and never but never fighting together. I have two girls and three boys and now I have a kittens too and I must say that we are all a happy family
I am thinking to speak to my new boy's owner, you know I paid a lot of money about 2000E to buy this boy and I am thinking that is too pitty to neutered him. I am so confused with this situation. For another way I am scared and for the health of this boy, because of his stress he is no eating at all. I give him 5 times a day Nutrical but I don't believe that this is the right way.
Thank you again
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