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Cleaning cuts

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What do you use to clean cuts on their paws? Something more than soap and water to disinfect? Somehow Charcoal cut his paw. This is not my week!
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I would use a diluted iodine solution and gauze squares and apply Neosporin afterwards...
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How much do you dilute the iodine? 1/2 water 1/2 iodine?
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I'd say more like 25% Iodine, 75% water. But ask the pharmacist for iodine scrub solution, not straight iodine...you gotta be careful with that stuff...
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You can try hydrogenperoxide too (sp?)
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That's good for a time or two but it can be harsh to wounds trying to heal...
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My dog at home (Cuddles, a black lab) always really gashes her nose up in the winter when she digs to burry her soup bones... it's inevitable after almost 12 years of having her, haha... I called my vet about it this year cuz it got pretty bad and she said all that really can be done, short of bringing the dog in to be examined and administered antibiotics, is to clean it with soap and water when she comes in and apply neosporin... when I left home yesterday it was looking pretty good (although we stopped giving her soup bones til the ground softened, so she wasnt digging more and making it worse)... if you find it keeps getting dirty or something, we used to apply medicine, kinda loosely guaze (secure with a bit of medical tape) and then place a baby's sock over the foot and secure with more tape (not too tight, but enough to keep it on)... your kitty may hop or walk funny and you should discourage any biting at it, but it always helped foot wounds heal quicker at the shelter and vet's office!
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We tried to put gauze taped on him but we didn't have a baby sock, since we don't have kids, and he had it off in five minutes. He was so mad. Thanks for the input.
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I'm having the same problem Charcoal.
Tabitha got a lump of gravel stuck in one of the pads on her foot yesterday. I've taken it out and cleaned the wound but she won't keep any gauze on it. It's not bleeding but looks quite sore, however she doesn't appear to be in the slightest bit bothered. I just spray it with antiseptic spray whenever she's been to the litter tray and am hoping it will heal shortly. Either that or i'll have to go shopping for baby gear lol.
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