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My stray went to a new home today

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Storm the abandoned cat I had since October went to a new home today. My 8 year old daughter and I cried. It is just to emotional for me to help stray cats but I cant keep them all and I cant let them starve to death.
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What a wonderful thing you did for Storm....
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I know just how you feel. I took a 8 month old kitty who I had loved since birth to her new home just after thanksgiving and it was difficult. Bob (yes, she is a she but the four year old insisted and does it realy matter after spaying anyway?) is very happy and well cared for at my best friends house but I still felt a loss. I do still get to go over to visit and Bob always comes running at the sound of my voice.
Just remember that you did a wonderful thing and that Storm is much better off for having known your family.
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That is a great update.

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That is wonderful news & I totaly understand. I've never had any foster cats, but just being a volunteer at the shelter it can be hard to say good bye. Sometimes it's so bitter sweet. I'll be so happy to see them in a good home, but I'll also miss them. We have an older pair right now that I know when they go I'm going to cry. I just hope I'm not there when they leave.
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I know how you feel. I'm thrilled that the kitten I fostered, Jessie, and her brother went to new home over the weekend, but am missing them like crazy. It's so easy to get attached.
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It is hard to let them go! Just try to help your daughter focus on the love that you shared with this family by letting them adopt Storm. Thank you for saving her life!
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what wonderful news

I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be, but you saved a life and now Storm is in a wonderful home and you have the space to help another lost soul your both wonderful people
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