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Unfriendly Burmese Kitten- 5 months old

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I'm a bit concerned with my kitten. He is so independent and aloof for
A Burmese kitten, at least in my experience.

Initially, when we first brought him home (during the first 2 wks or so, he was very clingy and needy, constantly on our laps or shoulders, wanting to be petted), which was fine w/ us. We didn't discourage that behavior.

But over the last week or so, When we try to pick him up to pet him or cuddle, he, usually, immediately struggles furiously to get away until you put him down.

He's got lots of kitten energy, and zooms around and plays hard, which is entertaining and fun, but when he's tired will go into another room to rest, instead of where we are (there's only 2 of us in the house, so things are pretty quiet, most of the time). Occasionally he will rest in our laps, only if it his idea. If you move or re-position yourself, chances are he will leave, because you have disturbed him.

He tends to be more interested in Tucker (our 6 year old male burmese) than he is us and seems to have bonded to him. He likes to be wherever he is and tries to engage him in frequent play. Tucker indulges him most of the time, so they get along quite well.

Any thoughts? I was really hoping for a velcro cat. Is this a stage, will he change any after he's neutered, does he hate us??? Any info, advice, encouragement any one can supply will be appreciated:
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My kitty is the same way. She will be a love bug on her own terms. She still won't sit in our lap or sit on the couch with us for longer than a moment. I've found that the harder you push a kitty to be near you, the more you push them a away. Just relax and look at this kitty like a family member, not a baby that has to be taken care of.
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That's why I love cats so, they are so independent. He is telling you that he isn't ready for lap contact right now, so letting him be is the best thing you can do. After he has been neutered, and he simmers down a bit, my guess is he will be just fine. Right now, there are many corners to explore, and people are not on his adventure list.
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its probably a hormone thing. when you were a teenager did you want to hang out with your parents?!

He'll calm down in time, and like Hissy said, when he's been neutered.
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