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Just Needed Some Advice

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I went here in Eastern Washington last Friday with my Mother in Law, just for a week and going to go home with my husband on Saturday.

Anyways, my mother in law has a problem with her daughter. Her daughter is 25 and just had a baby last Novemeber. When the first time I met Jake's sister she was really skinny and had a lot of bruises on her arm. I saw her picture before, she was fat. My husband asked me a lot of questions why his sister is so skinny. I didn't know the answer.

I found out few days ago, my mother in law told me that she was taking drugs (meth). She wasn't taking drugs when she was pregnant, but her mom has a feeling that she is taking drugs again. She was so huge when she was pregnant, after three weeks of birth, she lose 35 pounds, and now I saw her, she is really skinny when the first time I saw her.

Her boyfriend was from jail for a year cause of drugs. She is taking drugs cause of her bf. Her mom called a counselor if they can help her daughter, but they said it's up to her daughter. So, there is nothing she can do.

Her mom doesn't have control of her, they always argue. Mostly it's my sister in law's fault. When my mother in law ask her a question, she's just so mean.

I don't know what to tell my mother in law, I don't know what to do with her daughter either now that she have a baby.

Let's say, let's just forget about my mother in law's daughter cause she is an adult now. Let's think about the baby.

What advice can I tell to my mother in law? Thanks.
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I would go out and buy the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. This was a Orpah book club selection plus she has had him on her show. But it has ALOT of the "f" word. The author was severely addicted to drugs and alcohol and this is is journal of his rehab. I thought it was a really good book and would give her a bit of a background for her.
Its a tough situation I hope she gets the treatment she needs.
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Meth is a dangerous, powerful drug that takes over not only your body but your brain. It is extremely addictive.

If she is taking that much that she lost that much weight and is bruising and being arguementative she is obviously addicted.

I would call Child Protective Services and ask them if they can help.
Or I would tell her to get out.
I know she will probably not do that because of the baby.

Sounds like a mess!
Can your husband do anything to keep her away from this guy she's with?
It isn't gonna be pretty no matter how you deal with it.
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My husband doesn't even know what to do or say. Nobody can control of her.

I will probably tell my mother in law to call Child Protective Service. You are right, no matter how you deal with it, it's still gonna be a big mess.
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