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Today's adventures in shopping!!

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Well I was gone for a good part of the day picking up supplies for DH birthday party this Saturday.
My finds: World Market had 1 doz oversized wine glasses white/red for $30!!!
They are nice and I can store in the box. I couldn't decide on highball glasses (I dont really want to use plastic)so I went to Target 12 small and 12 large glasses $20!!!! Grocery shopping..........can you say chili ingredients for 35 people please!!! Anyhow they had closeout from Marshall Fields margarita glasses 4 for $6!!!! I am certainly stocked up on glasses. Then I went to another grcoery store that has inexpensive bunches of flowers. I had one of those punch cards and I asked the lady at the counter if still ok to use. She said was discontinued but gave me the discount anyhow-so 1 bunch alstromeria, mini carnation, mimi roses and daisies for $9!!!! Bought over $100 in wine and spirits too.
And the maps of Germany, France and the UK I'm not sure if I want to give my present at the party or wait until Monday when it is actually his birthday.
So now the cooking and cleaning begin tomorrow.
And getting the car washed as we are having our January thaw and the farmers have been spreading manure on the fields and of course I had to drive in it!!
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Nothing like a good shopping score to brighten the day!
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Sounds like you had a very busy day of shopping! I hope the party is wonderful!
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Great deals! Sounds like you have some drinking to do now

World Market is one of my favorite stores. They have such neat things. It's hard to stay within budget when I stop in.
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I hit the 99-cent store, after work. My intentions were to pick up a few necessities and some munchies.

They had the cutest glasses, with kitties on them. I now have six new glasses: 2 with black-and-white spotted kitties, 2 with fat orange kitties and 2 with black-striped kitties.

I also got chocolate-dipped fudge cups and fudge-dipped marshmallow cookies.
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Cindy, those sound adorable!!!

Nothing like a good shopping spree! I am going to Walmart at 8:30 when I get finished with work, to food shop.
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i think its time for me to earn some money to go more shopping
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