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New cat on the way!

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Hi everyone! My family has made the decision to get a cat. This is our first pet, aside from my 150 gallon saltwater aquarium. We decied to go through the Siamese Recuse Center in Va. which covers our territory here in Florida. My wife really loves cats. We have two children 6 and 4. After going through the pain staking process and background checks and references we are getting our new guy this weekend. He is 3 years 4 months old Seal Point Siamese. The adminstator keeping him right now says he's a very good cat. He uses the scratching post and it not messy with the litter box etc. He is a talker and very playful and loving. I am sure we are really going to like him. My concern is the proper way to give him a nice welcome to his new home.

We have bought all the stuff recommended by the staff for him. The right post,food,toys,treats,litter etc. My question to everyone is I don't want him to be afraid or scared. I have talked to the kids about initially leaving him alone the first few days until he is ready. What tips can everyone suggest to best break him into his new home? The adjustment period is something we are all concerned about mostly right now.

Thanks for the help! Excited we are!!!!!!

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I always recommend (whether kitten or cat) is to put the new cat in a small quiet room with litter pan, food and water for a day or two. Then gradually let the cat out room by room.

Make sure the kids do not chase him or yell too much. They need to sit quietly and let kitty come to them. Perhaps the older child can get a feather toy to play gently. Show your younger child the proper way to pet the cat, and proper way to hold the cat - NEVER let them carry the cat with little support.

I show young children how to cuddle the cat and support the back end so the cat will not feel like he's falling.

Be sure all nails are cut and make sure your kids do not tease the cat. You might want the kids to help in giving the cat food and water. Also be sure the younger one knows that the litter pan is NOT a sandbox to play in
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Welcome & Congrats on the new soon to be family member! If you ever get a chance, take pictures for us here so we can see your new boy after he arrives!

Try to take things slowly. Confining the kitty to one room may sound mean, but when I had two kittnes in the house, they hated to be anywhere but "their" room. It is very conforting to the cat. Offer the cat several different places to hide. I bought a fabric cube in Wal Mart that my kitties love to hide in. Offering him a blanket that smells like your family might help in the adjustment. Then he knows your scent. If you want to change food or litter, do so slowly. Remeber, this kitty is away from everything he has known & he will have the dickens scared out of him. Sometimes, even the nicest cats scratch in a new home.

Good Luck!
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Congrats on your new addition to your family!

It also wouldn't hurt to use a Feliway diffuser in the room where he is initially confined. It will help relax him.

Don't forget to post pictures of him!
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Congratulations on your kitty!

I can recommend a book by a feline behavorist that I have found helpful:

Think Like a Cat by Pam Johnson-Bennett

She also has several others, including others that deal with Multi-Cat Households.

The Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway is another great idea that others have mentioned...

Something you may or may not be aware of...If and/when you initially confine your cat in the small room, remember to have the food/water on the opposite side of the room from the litter box. Cats do not often like to eliminate where their food is...It is part of their natural instincts. Good luck!
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There's a link to the comfort zone that everyone was talking about. It is a very good product. I, as well, as alot of people on this site use it faithfully.

Confining the kitty to one bedroom, is the best bet. Like they all said...Litter box on the ENTIRE different side of the room as thier food...A nice little bed, and no visitors to this room. Except for the ones that come to be quiet and loving.
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