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help !! my cat is shedding big time!!

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My cat Chloe is shedding profusely. Two days ago a huge clump of fur came off her abdomen. She is now shiny there. Is there a reason for this? I haven't brushed her down in 1 1/2 months due to my hectic schedule with school (both work and college). Any ideas why she shed so much and what I can do to prevent this from happening again?
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Please post your concern to the "Care and grooming" forum, under "Our feline companions." You'll probably receive some useful replies there. I, personally, don't know how to advise you. Best wishes!

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Is Chole a long haired kitty? If so the clump might have been a mat and(I'm not sure of how it all happened) she could have pulled it out herself if it bothered her.

Does she go outside? There is something called photoperiod that triggers the shedding process when a cat is exposed to a lot of sunlight. This is common in the spring time.

Stress and illness can cause excessive shedding as well. You might want to check with your veterinarian just to be on the safe side. Also check for fleas just to rule that out.

If she is a long haired kitty and you're having a hard time finding time to groom her take her to a groomer every few weeks.

If the shedding is driving you nuts then there a few supplements that are supposed to cut back on shedding. I've never used any of them myself but a few people I know have and some say they work others say that don't.
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In your post you said that the skin was shiny after a huge clump of hair fell out. That is not normal shedding, you should never see patches of the cats skin like that.

It could be some type of skin infection, like ringworm, I would take her to the vet right away. Losing hair like that could also be a sign of a more serious illness or infection.

If she is a longhair cat and has matting problems you might want to have her shaved. I shave my longhaired cat Lucy in the lion cut style. It looks great and she is so much happier minus the hair.

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What is the shaving like? Does it look funny? Do they shave, bathe, and dry and trim the nails? Where do you go, like PetSmart or Petco or something? I've never taken my cat in for grooming, but I think it might be a good idea.
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she could be shedding her winter fur, most animals do that so that they can get ready for the different seasons.Franny is doing the same thing and the vet says it is normal.
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kristie73- In the beginning I took lucy to a regular dog groomer to be shaved. It is really funny to watch. They put her on the grooming table and shave her like a dog. I don't think they bath her, lucy does not like water. She only went to the regular groomers once. They would not shave her again unless she was sedated, but most cats will allow someone to shave them w/o sedation.

Now lucy goes to the vet, about twice a year, to be shaved. They use isoflourene sedation, which is safer for her. They also trimmed her nails. Lucy is so much happier w/o all of the hair. When she came home her personality completely changed. She runs around more and wants to be petted more. Lucy has matting and hairball problems, and she hated for me to brush her. Now that she is shaved no more mats or hairballs. It was a bit pricey b/c of the sedation, about $70, but we only do it twice a year. Petsmart will shave cats, I think it is around $35. I have seen cats being shaved at petsmart and it is funny how calm they are. I bet they know w/o the hair life is better !

I'll try to post some pics of her soon.

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