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Arnold Schwarzekitty showed up. What breed is he?

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The biggest and strongest Tom cat of my neighborhood showed up today, trying to mate with Starlight. Well luckily Starlight wanted nothing to do with him, she was afraid of him. This guy is huge, I never knew cats could get so big! I took a pic of him compared to my normal sized garbage can, I think he is as big as a raccoon! Anyway my 2 cats surprised him and he took off, he wasnt even interested in the pile of food, and quickly left. Starlight and her 2 kittens are safe now. Anyway seeing this guy made me think of a few questions.

1. How old do dominant Tom cats live to? Is there any chance he could be the father of my 5 year old cat Flash?

2. How do they get so big!? This guy was very big, how come I never see male cats at shelters this big? Do they have some sort of crazy growth hormone?

3. What breed of cat is he? Here you see him spraying, let me tell you my spayed female went crazy for his scent.

And probably next week i'm going to attempt to catch Starlight and get her fixed, she was terrified of this guy, she was shaking on my doorstep trying to come in my house!
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I would not wait that long to get her fixed. Also, is there a way that you can bring the kittens in? tomcats will kill kittens that arent theirs so that the female will go back into heat and be mated with.
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He is not a recognized breed, he is a cross breed. He is a big ol tomcat, and that is just how big they can get when they aren't neutered. He needs to be trapped and neutered. Your house is going to start reeking soon as he will be spraying your outside walls in an attempt to rile up your cats
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My neighbors have an indoor/outdoor spayed male who looks just like that cat! He is also a big cat- in good shape and probably 13-15 pounds.
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Beautiful cat!
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I must admit too his coat is stunning. His only imperfection is that his left ear if flat, while his right ear is normal and straight.
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No his imperfection is he is intact. His ears make him look quirky. I do hope you can trap him and get him snipped.
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He's lovely, but think about how much lovlier he will be when he's fixed!
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OMG!!! He IS big!!!!! I have a big BEAUTIFUL male stray cat who lurks here a lot. I call him Thugboy! He is HUGE too, and is always out trolling for ''babes". He has a big territory he trolls, too!!!!! I have tried and tried to catch him with everything I can think of. But he is VERY smart, and VERY wary. My kitties are both fixed, but that does not stop them from going ballistic, when he sits on our porch, staring in at them!!!
I do hope you can catch him soon... They can be very aggressive with the females and with the little male kittens, as they do NOT want any competition, if they can help it!
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Well unfortunetly I cant catch him, but im catching the female and 2 kittens to get them away from him.
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He looks just like Shed Cat, a feral that I believe to be male living under our shed. Shed has that same coloring, brown tabby with back white leg, white paws, and a big bandana white patch on his neck and chest. In fact, last winter, we saw a gray replicate of Shed Cat by our back porch, with the same back white leg. We haven't seen Shed Cat's double gray cat for a long time, however.

Well, for what it's worth, our Moo cat (Mooie), is terrified of Shed Cat, and Shed Cat is equally frightened of all human presence, including Mooie. So, Mooie, our outdoor cat, and Shed Cat manage to live together sharing the backyard amd back woods. I have never seen them fight and they literally freak out if they are within very close distance of each other. Cindy, Lucy, and Punky, our indoor cats, are very curious and often notice and stare at Shed Cat through the window at a distance. A few weeks ago, Shed Cat was peering at Lucy and Cindy by the side of the porch.

Judging from Mooie, a gentle giant, big and macho looking doesn't necessarily mean tough and aggressive. Moo cat, another large cat with long legs, has the calmest, most peaceful disposition. Unfortunately, it is Punky with that tortitude, that hisses the most and appears the most aggressive. So little, petite Punky is the toughest of the lot, followed by Cindy, then Lucy, with Mooie, the biggest cat and our only male, being the most gentle.
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Percy is a big cat. He's all muscle, too.
Your visitor there does need to be trapped and neutered. Even neutered, Percy is a big ol boy cat who rules the roost outside.
I would have gone nuts had he started spraying outside and stinking up my yard, driving the females inside crazy!
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