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howdy folks!

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I am so glad I found a forum where I can blab about my sweetie pie chloe. Although I have two wonderful kids of my own, Chloe is my guardian angel. I can't imagine my life without her. I try not to take long vacations. I am an elementary school teacher working towards my administration license. Are there any other teachers in this forum?
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Hi jennym. I'm sure you'll like it here since it's the perfect place to brag about your kitty and no one minds.

Chole sounds like a doll. I know what you mean about taking short vacations. I'm going to be taking a vacation this summer and I'm having a friend who is a pet sitter watch my kitties but I'm still nervous about leaving them alone.
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Welcome to the site! We love hearing kitty stories, so no one will mind you bragging about Cloe!

I think there are a couple teachers on the site. I am a former teacher. I taught high school English and Spanish for a year and a half and realized that really was not the place for me! After that experience, I have even more admiration for those of you who do still teach. Truly a noble profession.
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Welcome to the site!! I don't know about any other teachers here on the site, but I'm sure there are! I'm actually going to university this september to begin studying for a career in teaching primary students. I'm looking forward to it. See you in the posts!!
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Welcome to you! Glad you have joined us!
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