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OMG the cutest thing happened yesterday...Foxxy was sleeping on the bed next to my dog Daytona, and then the kitten got up and laid down next to Daytona (with protest from Daytona...he growl when other animals go near him) ans she tried to get under him, but since he was lying on his stomach, she settles for his side and started suckling on his curly black was so cute! I tried to hold Daytona down because he was trying to get up and run away lol I wanted to show my sister, but he got up and the kitten just looked up at him lol it was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life.
This was the first time she suckled on anything, and I know that it usually means they weer taken away from their mother too soon, she was only 7 weeks old. But my dog Daytona does it too. He sucks on his Teddy Bears. When I got him he had this bunny bear that his old owner gave me. It was all gross and disgusting because of the years of sucking on it. eventually he tore and ear off and the stuffing was constantly coming out, so I threw it out. Now he has 5 or 6 teddy bears, but he favours his blue whale. It's cute seeing a little dog who thinks he's all macho, and growls at other animals when they go near him (and acting like a bear when people come to the door, non stop growling) and then have him suck on his teddy.