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When Your on the Computer

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When you're on the computer is your cat by your side? My cat Soltie lays on my left arm, her head on my arm and her body on the desk. In fact, she is here right now and it makes typing somewhat difficult. I let her lay here until my arm goes to sleep.
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Snowball does different things when I'm on the computer, sometimes he's happy to just be near by. Other times he will be in my lap and he will lay his head on my right arm, I can't type anything, but he looks so cute!
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Cosmo likes to sit on the top of my chair. This worked well for him when he was a tiny kitten. Now he weighs about 9lbs. If the chair is unoccupied it will topple over. Very loud!
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I have a laptop so I usually use it sitting on the sofa. Sparky likes to lay on the back of the sofa and drape his upper body between me and the computer. Usually he kind of lays on my chest like a shelf or a pillow and he purrs away. He'll grab at me to be petted, or just lay on the keyboard.

Blackie seems to think he has e-mailed someone who is going to get back to him, because he prefers to stand on the keyboard and stare at the screen.
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My cats are always up on my lap...:sleep3: :sleep3: :sleep3: :sleep3:
Twinkles is up on my lap right now.......
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She loves being near me when I'm using this machine. And if I don't pay her the attention she desires, she meows until I do! Her favorite place to be, whilst I'm on line, is the old secretary chair right next to the work station. The station itself is too cluttered with "stuff" for Tonya to actually recline next to the monitor or on the keyboard, but she would do so if she could.

Michaela, on the other hand, isn't interested in the computer system. However, she's attracted to the puffy high-backed swivel chair upon which I reside! The very top of the chair, to which Michaela easily leaps, has taken on a sieve-like quality.


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The only time you can get Xavier to sit with you is where you're on the computer. Something about my lap when I'm trying to type he finds irrisistable.
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sox was always in my lap or laying on the monitor. we would always have to move his tail. over and over. he was always there. i have to say, getting on the computer was so hard after sox died. it was his spot. i can still see him up there. or feel him nuzzled in my hair. milo is on my lap right now.
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The cats don't have a problem when Hubby is on his computer, probably because he is always on his computer. But when I am on my computer at home, Trent comes by about every 5-10 minutes, puts his front paws on my leg and meows at me. He HATES me to be on the computer!!! I guess that's why I usually only do this at work....
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Both of my cats are very independent and don't sit on laps for an extended period of time. But Noah, my cat, loves to be near me. He keeps an eye on me, I guess!
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Why is it that our cats loke being by the PC? My kitty does the same but he sits on my lap and when I'm not on the PC he sits on my chair.

Is there a reason behind this?

China and Oscar
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Most of the time my kitties aren't allowed in the office b/c of all the wires and all of hubby's computer stuff. But, when they do come in, they either lay on the floor under the computer desks, or they like to sit in our lap, or on the desk and watch the mouse move around.
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Hmm.. I'm beginning to wonder if they like computers specifically, or...
When I'm reading the paper, the cats like to sit on the paper.
When I'm looking at the T.V., Precious likes to sit in front of it so I have to look around her, or move her.
When I'm using the computer, Precious lies on my lap so that I have trouble typing, or stands in front of the screen so that I can't see it.
When I have a piano student Blueberry comes out of hiding and asks both of us for attention. As soon as the lesson is over, he hides from the "stranger" again.
Is it the computer, or is it anything that takes away our attention when they want it?
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Jeanie, you exactly right, it does not matter what I'm doing the cats are right there. When I work the Sunday paper crossword puzzle, it is time to play "let's catch the pencil." They are just sure whatever I'm doing I need them to help me.
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Opie wanders in and out of the room. He likes to snoop around, in my sewing stuff. He HAS quit sitting in front of the screen, when I play video poker.
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I think Opie's just tired of not winning!
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Yeah - me, too! Yesterday, he was walking around on the desk and stepped on the on/off button and turned on my printer. At least, he stays off the keyboard. God knows what kind of stuff he'd be surfing!
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