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Luckys surgery

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My 11 year old female 'Lucky' had her surgery for her tumor yesterday. Poor thing. I brought her home last night. Dr. says she will be ok, but seeing her so uncomfortable is hard. She seems so out of it and just going from place to place looking for somewhere comfortable. Shes not eating so getting her antibiotics in her is going to be hard. Hopefully in a few days she will be more like herself. Is there anything special I can feed her to get the pills into her that wont upset her tummy?
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Oh poor Lucky! Don't you just hate giving a cat a pill? The vet alway's makes it seem so easy! Sometimes I've coated the pill with butter. Hope that poor baby feels better soon!
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What kind of tumor did Lucky have? Is she wearing an e-collar to keep her from licking her sutures?

My kitty Sadie just had a small tumor removed. Her antibiotics are a liquid Clavamox Drops. I think that a liquid is easier to give because you don't have the swallowing problem that you have with a pill. Her pain medication is a liquid too.

You will receive lots of exellent advice here about how to give pills to a cat.

I hope that Lucky feels better real soon. Please keep us updated.
You will get a lot of help & support here.
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Sending out Get Well Vibes and prayer to Lucky. Feel better soon.
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My Lucky sends out tons of Get Well Vibes to your Lucky. Hoping Lucky feels better soon!
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My lucky looks just like your lucky Renny, except for the black around her eye, but the rest looks exactly like her. She had a tumor on her belly that was the size of a tennis ball. Dr. says it wasnt cancerous. Thank god! She ate a little bit tonight so I managed to put a pill in her food and she finished it. Phew what a relief. You would think they would make all pet medications in liquid form. would be so much easier. Anyway she is sleeping a lot and used the litter box today. She finally found the bed I set up for her and seems more comfortable. She doesnt have any pain meds just antibiotics. And no collar. She has some stiches that will be out in a few weeks. Hope she doesnt start picking at them. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. This is a great forum and Im happy I found it! God Bless all of you!!
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Yeah - Luck!!!! Such a brave girl!! Nothing but healing thoughts coming her way!!!

Deeh - antibiotics can be compounded into liquid form. If your Vet dosen't do it - he can call it into a compounding pharmacy.
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Luckys seems to be doing much better. Today she jumped up on the bed and is lying there looking so comfortable. Shes eating more and walking around some. She will have to go and get her stitches out in a week. She has a pretty long incision. I think shes going to be just fine though. I see a little more improvement every day. Thanks for all of your prayers.
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I am so glad to hear that Lucky is feeling better! Tons of hugs and scritches for her!
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It's wonderful news that Lucky is recovering so quickly.
Please keep us updated.
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